How to fix Procreate users Unable to Form or Import WEBP Images after v5.3 update

Developed by Savage Interactive, Procreate is a popular raster graphics editor app. This digital painting app is available for iOS and iPadOS users. Even though it is considered to be one of the best apps for digital illustration, it isn’t immune to glitches and issues that trouble users often. Recently, users have been reporting that they are Unable to Form or Import WEBP Images after v5.3 update.

WEBP is an image format that many digital artists or creators use thanks to its efficient compression and low file size. However, some users are not able to use it.

The latest v5.3 update brings issues for Procreate users

When it comes to raster graphics editor software for digital painting, then this offering from Savage is often the go-to choice for the masses. In this domain, most users generally prefer using the WEBP file format primarily due to the fact that it supports both lossy and lossless compression, and animation and alpha transparency.

However, after the latest update, this is no longer possible. Many users have voiced their concern that they aren’t able to import WEBP Images in Procreate. The issue seems to be the new v5.3 update, which has caused some issues with the brush/stroke.

fix Procreate users Unable to Form or Import WEBP Images after v5.3 update

How to fix Procreate Users Unable to Form or Import WEBP Images

As of now, the only potential workaround that is spelling out success for Procreate users involves the use of drag and drop for important images over to the software. You must try this tweak and it will give you a temporary solution when it comes to forming/importing WEBP images. As for the official stance on this issue, the developers have become aware of this issue. However, they haven’t given out any official ETA for the rollout of a fix.

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