How to fix Remote Battery Drain issue on Amazon Fire TV

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is easily one of the most affordable devices to give an upgraded TV viewing experience by streaming tons of TV shows and movies. You can instantly convert your TV into a smart one by plugging it into an HDMI port of the TV. Moreover, the device gets regular updates that bring many performance tweaks. However, some users have been reporting a few issues, with one of the common being the Battery Drain issue. In this guide, you will get to know how to fix Remote Battery Drain issue on Amazon Fire TV.

How to fix Remote Battery Drain issue on Amazon Fire TV

Method 1: Reset remote

  • To reset your remote, you will have to press and hold the Left + Home + Back button for 15-20 seconds
  • You should continue to hold the keys until you see the light blink before removing the batteries from the remote
  • Wait for around 60 seconds and insert the batteries

Method 2: Purchase a Universal Remote for Fire TV Stick

There are many amazing universal remotes that work well with the Fire TV Stick. Not just that, you can use these remotes for operating other devices too. If you’ve got enough money to purchase a universal remote, you should go for something like the Logitech Harmony Elite.

Method 3: Remove the batteries

An alternative method that you can go for is removing the batteries when the device isn’t being used. It is because even if you aren’t using the remote, it might still consume the batteries. This is why when you remove the batteries, you will not be able to use the batteries. Even though this is useful at night if you’re sleeping, it will help you increase the battery life.

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Method 4: Use the remote app

How to fix Remote Battery Drain issue on Amazon Fire TV

  • Using your smartphone, open the Store and search for Fire TV Remote
  • After that, click the first result and tap on the Install or Get button
  • Wait for a while until the app gets downloaded and select “Open” to launch it
  • When you launch it, you might see a few notifications so you should just ignore them
  • At this time, you will see that the Home Screen of the app is connected to Mobile with the same Wi-Fi that you’re using on TV
  • Now, Fire TV name will appear on the Mobile app
  • You will need to tap on it
  • You will get a code on TV, type this code on the mobile app for pairing it
  • The remote will get paired

If you have been having trouble with your Amazon Fire TV remote draining batteries quickly, there is no need to worry – it is a solvable issue! By following a few straightforward steps, you can get your remote functioning properly again and keep enjoying your favorite shows and movies without any disruption. To avoid having battery drain disrupt your streaming experience – try the troubleshooting steps, or if necessary, replace the batteries or the remote itself to solve the problem and resume using your Amazon Fire TV.

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