How to fix the Character Deletion bug in Destiny 2

Anyone who has played Destiny 2 will know that bugs and hiccups can interfere with the exhilarating gameplay. There is a new bug that is being reported by Destiny 2 players and it has caused the whole community to go into a tizzy.

The bug erases players’ characters, causing them to lose loadouts and forcing them to start over. Fans are worried that they may lose their characters at any moment and are looking for ways to fix the problem. This guide will show you how to fix the character deletion bug in Destiny 2.

Early reports from players experiencing the character deletion bug claim that one of their characters was missing when they attempted to log back into the game.

How to fix the Character Deletion bug in Destiny 2

fix the Character Deletion bug in Destiny 2

Methods like resetting the game, re-establishing the internet connection, and turning on/off your hardware will not fix this glitch. Your player’s character will still be missing regardless of what you do. However, Bungie, the developers of the game can help recover the players’ missing characters and do that without any cost.

You will have to contact the Bungie team by posting on the official Destiny 2 Reddit forum or getting in touch with the Bungie Help accounts on social media. For contacting Bungie Help on Twitter, you must reply to one of their posts or tag them in your tweet. Generally, a spokesperson will contact you and try to help you with this problem. One of Bungie’s Community Managers has shared that restoring the character will be a time-consuming process and could take multiple hours to implement.

While there are numerous reports of the character deletion glitch, most of these reports haven’t been verified yet. So it is still unknown how widespread this bug is. If this bug becomes more common, you will need to wait for Bungie to come out with a permanent fix.

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