How to force “ok Google” hotword to work when the Screen is Off (root)

In this article, We’ll be showing you ‘How to force “ok Google” hotword to work when the Screen is Off (root)’.OK Google hotword detection is a very amazing feature which was first announced on Moto X 2017 and after then it is almost available in most of the device.

This feature has the ability to wake up through voice comands. This feature comes very handily when you have to search anything in Google but you are traveling in a car or you are doing something in which you can’t access your smartphone.

However, you only can use this feature if your device screen is On or your device is connected to the charger so the main thing is that you can’t use this feature when your mobile screen is Off. So basically, this guide will help you to use this feature even when your screen is Off or you aren’t connected to the charger.

How to force "ok Google" hotword to work

2 years back, there was an application called ‘ Open Mic+ for Google Now’ which basically allow OK google to listen to your voice command even when you screen is off, it enables the background service and let you use ‘OK Google’ hotward detection even when you screen is off but that service got ruined as google requested to user to not to use this service and developer removed that app.

But there is another trick by which you can use this feature even when your screen is Off, all you have to do is root your device and then you have to enter one command.

We are highly thankful to the senior member of Mishaal Rahman who developed this trick for all the users who want to know How to force “ok Google” hotword to work when the Screen is Off. By entering that command your device will show charging status even your device is not plugged to charger. So let’s get started, this is very short trick all you have to do is enter only one command.

Warning will not be held responsible for any kind of damage occurred to your device while following this tutorial.Do it at your own risk.

How to force “ok Google” hotword to work when the Screen is Off (root)

  • This trick will only work on a rooted android device so make sure to get rooted android device or root your smartphone.
  • Now open a root shell in android and enter the following command:-
    dumpsys battery set ac 1
  • Done, after entering this command the device will think that you are connected with AC power.

Keep in mind that after this, your battery will start draining very fast. So, if you do care of battery life of your device then do proceed.





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