How to get Honeycomb in Minecraft

Honeycomb is one of the resources in Minecraft that is known for its only attribute which is renewable. In a game especially Minecraft  you need to craft a lot of things but sometimes lack of resources makes a full stop on users’ gameplay.

But developers understand that and to make the game engaging they released numerous things to revive and among them, Honeycomb is one.

Since this game is made with such things players sometimes need to have Candles, Waxed Copper, Beehives, and many more. From that thing, it becomes a necessity for Minecraft players to get such an amazing item. But players don’t know how to get such a helpful item. Noting that concern, here we are sharing a few ways to grab it on your tips.

Acquiring Honeycomb in Minecraft: A Step-by-Step Guide


We have already mentioned to you why players seeking to know how to get this renewable item. Now the only concern came out is how to get it. For this, we tried to gather details and found that it can be obtained either through harvesting it from a bee hive or trading with a Wandering trader. For better clarification, below we would like to discuss both ways to get such renewable items.

Via Harvesting it from a bee nest or hive

  1. Firstly, Arrange a pair of Shears.
  2. Then approach the bee nest carefully.
  3. Next using Shears do right-click on bee nest.
  4. Lastly, Collect the Honeycomb whichever drops.

Via Trading with Trader

  1. Simply, Approach the Trader.
  2. Then do right click on wandering trader
  3. Now drag the honeycomb to the right side of the Window.
  4. Lastly, Click the Trade button and you are done.

Conclusively, with these ways, you can get such a renewable item in Minecraft. It means you can now do whatever the things a player can do with this item. I hope you also get to know what exactly is this item and how it works. Also, you have to know how to get such an item. Even after this, if any user has a query then ask them all below.

Image Credit: Minecraft

Akhilesh Sharma
Akhilesh Sharma
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