V4L3RIA operator: Guide to easily Catch it in COD Warzone

V4L3RIA is the recent addition to Call of Duty Warzone as well as the Modern Warfare II family. Actually, she was released with season six of both games on 27th September 2023.

Being a playable operator it is built for conflict. But apart from that, being a member of the KorTac faction it has the ability of advanced robotics and biological equipment and that’s the clue of a prototype hybrid machine.

Because of such advancement, players are eagerly excited to get this new member. However, players who have financial independence can directly purchase it. But the main issue arises with those who do not have In-game currency. See, no one can’t get that cost to zero but yes it can be reduced if we buy a season 1 battle pass and reach tier 100. So, let’s understand what exactly to do to get a V4L3RIA Operator.

Unlocking V4L3RIA: A Step-by-Step Guide for COD Warzone


While going through noting the V4L3RIA  habits and other things, we find she has plenty of benefits to look for. V4L3RIA looks much more unique than any other operator to be specific she appears to be wearing a black and red Cybernetic outfit with a helmet. Apart from this, she has a special finisher that can eliminate downed enemies and kill them instantly. Further, above all, V4L3RIA has a different voice line that she uses to speak during matches. Meanwhile, a plethora of benefits we have with V4L3RIA. So, let’s wipe out the confusion and understand the process to get V4L3RIA.

  1. Launch Modern Warfare II or Warzone.
  2. Then Click on the Store Tab.
  3. Now under the battle pass section, click on purchase battle pass.
  4. After that, click on the progression tab there.
  5. Following this, you will see your current tier level.
  6. Next, play the game and complete challenges to earn Battle Pass XP.
  7. Now reach upto tier level 100 through completing missions.
  8. That’s it, when you reach Tier 100, V4L3RIA will unlock.

As an alternative, you can catch same operator directly from the store but as we said it costs you more. We are sharing it to provide flexibility to get such a recently released operator. For this, all you need to do is open the game’s store and purchase the V4L3RIA operator from there. Once it is purchased then equip it from the operator’s menu. With this manner you will get such an operator, I hope all of you got this to your profile. Even if any user have a query then ask them all below.

Image Credit: Essentially Sports

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