How to install Apple Music Classical

Apple Music Classical is a standalone app released by Apple designed for listening to classical music. This app offers the largest classical music catalog that you can listen to using an Apple Music subscription. It was scheduled for release in 2022 but it didn’t happen. However, the time has officially come for its release. In this guide, you will get to learn all about how to install Apple Music Classical and the different plans available.

How to install Apple Music Classical on your iPhone

Apple officially listed the Classical Music app on the App Store on March 10th and it was officially released to the public on March 28th. On the 28th, Apple announced the new software for its products including iOS 16.4. Here is how you can install it on your iPhone –

  • You should ensure that your iPhone is running on iOS 15.4 or later
  • Then, open the App Store
  • After that, tap the Search Button located at the bottom right corner
  • Then, search the Apple Music Classical app before selecting the official app from the listings
  • Press the “Get” button for installing the app
  • Once it is done, the app will be installed on your iPhone
  • That’s it

Different plans and availability for users

Apple Music Classic was officially released on March 28th alongside iOS 16.4. The app is available to download and you can install it by heading over to the App Store. You should ensure that your iPhone is running on iOS 15.4 and later. Currently, the app is available only for iPhone and iPod users. It can be installed on iPads too but the user experience won’t be as good as on iPhones.

How to install Apple Music Classical
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For pricing, the Classical Music app will require an Apple Music subscription. If you’ve got an Apple Music subscription, you can easily listen to your favorite classics. However, if you’ve got a Voice plan, you won’t be able to stream classic music from the new standalone app. So, you’ll have to subscribe to Apple Music’s Student, Family, or Apple One plan for hopping into the classical music world.

As for availability, the app is available throughout the world except for these countries – Korea, China, Russia, Japan, Turkey, Taiwan, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Pakistan.

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