How to switch off and restart your Samsung Galaxy S22: Multiple alternatives to Power button

Samsung users have been using the switch-off feature by simply pressing and holding down the power button. However, recent Galaxy S-series devices have seen a small yet noticeable change as they’ve stopped supporting the traditional feature of “press and hold the power button to switch off”.

Samsung has launched the Galaxy S22 series devices and as with every new smartphone, there are many changes that users don’t immediately understand. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S22, one of those features is the way to switch it off. By default, pressing and holding down the power button will open Samsung’s virtual assistant – Bixby, while Samsung will refer to the button as the side key instead of the power button. Interestingly, Samsung has provided four ways of switching off the Galaxy S22 smartphone.

How to switch off and restart your Samsung Galaxy S22?

Method 1: Power and Volume Buttons

Not many people know this but you can easily take screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy S22 devices by pressing and holding the power+volume button. But did you know that you can also use the same keys for reaching the power menu? It is possible, however, the amount of time that you need to hold the buttons will vary.

For reaching the Power Menu through power and volume buttons, you should press and hold the button for 2-3 seconds. You can tap on the Power off to switch off your device.

Method 2: Via quick settings menu

How to switch off and restart your Samsung Galaxy S22: Multiple alternatives to Power button

For shutting down your Galaxy S22 through your device’s quick settings menu, you can down twice on the home screen and simply click on the power icon. You can then tap on the Power off option.

Method 3: Using Bixby command

For turning off your Samsung Galaxy S22 using Bixby, simply press and hold the power button. Once Bixby opens, you can easily command it to shut down the smartphone.

Method 4: Remap the settings for the side keys

For remapping the Side key, you can set it to open the power menu by default. Do that by navigating your device’s settings -> advanced features -> side key -> power off.

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