Download and Install Hydrogen OS H2OS 3.5 on OnePlus 5

Manually Install Hydrogen OS 3.5 on OnePlus 5: Hydrogen OS is the best alternatives for  Oxygen OS. Hydrogen OS is mainly designed for OnePlus Chinese variants, but Hydrogen os 3.5 can be installed any OnePlus devices (International Variants). Though Hydrogen OS 3.5 update is released after a long time, this update is packed with the bunch of new features with performance improvements and stability fixes.

Hydrogen OS is quite different from Oxygen OS. As Hydrogen OS is china variant, Google is banned in most of the regions in china, so Hydrogen OS doesn’t include any of the Google services or products. But we have Google Play Store installed APK where we can install all the Google paly services in your OnePlus device.

In this article, we will guide you how to install Hydrogen OS 3.5 on OnePlus 5. Here we provided one of the easiest methods where you don’t need to install TWRP or root your device. Follow the below step by step guide to install Hydrogen OS 3.5 on OnePlus 5.

You can check out the full changelog from the official website of HydrogenOS from HERE

Download HydrogenOS 3.5

  • Download H2OS for OnePlus devices | Download | Full ROM zip
  • Download Oxygen OS for OnePlus devices | Download | Full ROM zip

Steps to Install Hydrogen OS H2OS 3.5 on OnePlus 5

Hydrogen OS H2OS 3.5

  1. Download H2 Os firmware from above download section and transfer the firmware into your device.
  2. Download and Install Local Upgrade APK in your device.
  3. Launch the Local Upgrade app.
  4. Tap on Search for Upgrade Package.

    Note: If the firmware doesn’t show up, create the new folder named “.OnePlusH2Ota” and transfer the H2 OS 3.5 into new created folder and perform the search again in Local Upgrade app.
  5. Once the H2 OS 3.5 is detected, proceed with installation
  6. Your OnePlus device will automatically reboots once the installation is successfully completed.

Hope you fond this article helpful. Let us know your feedback on Hydrogen OS 3.5 in the comment section below.

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Aditya Verma
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