How to install Firefox OS 2.5 on Android devices without Root

In this guide, you will learn How to install Firefox OS 2.5 on Android devices without Root on any android devices.The Installation process of firefox OS on android is very simple and easy.You don’t need root to install the Firefox OS on your android device.This is compatible with all android devices out there.Just follow the guide below to  install Firefox OS 2.5 on Android devices without Root

One of the most popular features of android is the customization.You can basically change anything you want on your device.You can root your device and install any third party ROM to change the UI of the device.There are loads of Launchers and theme available for android phones.Most of the people flash custom ROM after few days of using the stock ROM.To flash any third party ROM you need to root your device and if your device is not rooted then you can change the launcher but can’t customize everything like a custom ROM.

Custom ROM are not available for all android devices.Most of the popular devices like LG flagships, Samsung Flagship and Nexus devices have more Custom ROMs compared to others.If you have a not so popular android phone then there may not be a custom ROM available for your device.

Firefox OS is Mozilla’s very own open source operating system.Many people think Android is purely a open source operating system which is not correct.Android isn’t open source anymore after becoming a property of Google.It now comes with a variety of mobile devices from a bunch of different OEMs isn’t anywhere near as open source.

Mozilla introduces its own FireFox OS 2.5.We know it is not new and it is not that popular.But now you can easily Install it without rooting your device, which is pretty new for android users.Thanks to the new Developer Preview that’s now out as of today, people can easily test out what Firefox OS 2.5 is all about on their very own devices.Follow the guide below on How to  install Firefox OS 2.5 on Android devices without Root to learn about the procedure.


Download the FireFox OS 2.5 

→To download Go to the Official Mozilla Firefox OS 2.5 link from here.

→Click the button in the middle of the page, namely “Get The Android App”.

 Safely install Firefox OS 2.5 on Android devices without Root

Step By Step Guide

  • First download the android app from the download section above
  • Once the app is downloaded on your Android device, tap and open it just like you would any other app from the app drawer
  • That’s it.Now your phone has Mozilla FireFox OS 2.5
  • Enjoy your new Mozilla Firefox OS 2.5 operating system.

⇒This not the final release.It’s a developer preview (Check the website for more details)

Dibyashree Sharma
Dibyashree Sharma
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