LG files patent for a rollable laptop with 17-inch display

Seems like, the companies are now making a new trend of rollable display devices. This week Oppo announced the X 2021 concept smartphone with a rollable display which automatically adjusts its screen according to the video resolution. LG is not a new player when it comes to rollable display devices as the company has already launched a rollable design TV which when unfolded can be carried anywhere.

LG rollable laptop patent image(1)

LG seems to be taking this a step further, as the company has now patented a laptop with a rollable display. As per the patent images, the laptop can be used anywhere between 13.3-inch to 17-inch just by rolling it. The laptop when unrolled resembles a soundbar, which kind of looks interesting. Unlike the regular laptops, this LG laptop will have a power button on the right side.

LG rollable laptop patent image(2)

Seems like, the webcam will also be a rollable type. You might be thinking about the standing of rollable display when it has been unrolled. For this, the patent mentions that the rollable display panel can independently stand up when the rollable display panel is unrolled from a display drum.

From the patent images, we conclude that the mousepad can be externally joined to the keyboard which further joins with the display. Information regarding this rollable laptop is not enough as of now, but we expect more details to surface online.

Image Credit: @Gadgetsdata

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