LineageOS crosses the 1 Million active installs mark, OnePlus One the most popular device.

LineageOS is the Custom ROM that took birth when Cyanogenmod, the open-source community maintained ROM was shuttered last year. The company behind Cyanogenmod, CyanogenOS announced that they will no longer be providing monetary as well as technical support to the community of Cyanogenmod. This made the people at cyanogenmod take a drastic step where they announced that they will no longer continue to develop the Custom ROM by the name of Cyanogenmod because of the copyright policies that Cyanogen Inc. had.

After Cyanogen Inc. closed up its work rather suddenly last year, many former CM developers and maintainers picked up development under a new name – LineageOS. The project has become immensely popular with former CM users, and has continued to expand support to more and more devices.

LineageOS stats
LineageOS stats

The project’s stats page now reports over one million active installations of LineageOS, almost exactly one month after reaching 500k. The most popular device is still the OnePlus One, followed by the OnePlus 3/3T, Galaxy S III (international model), and Redmi Note 3.

LineageOS has been the Custom ROM of choice for all the device tinkerers and enthusiasts who love to change the ROMs on their device to test the latest software on their devices. There are many Android Nerds who change the stock OS on their phone as soon as they purchase it. LineageOS ever since it changed its name from Cyanongenmod has been on to a successful path.

Also worth noting is that  the most popular device remains to be the OnePlus One followed by the OnePlus 3/3T but the margin between the first and the second is almost 30,000 which shows that the OnePlus One users have been using this ROM the most on their phones. This could be attributed to the stability that the ROM gives on the device or it might be a personal preference.


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