List of all Races in Project Mugetsu

Project Mugetsu is a popular Roblox game that has been inspired by an anime that allows the players to take part in one of the many races in the anime. But which game is the best in the game?

If you want to find out the solution and find one that suits your playstyle, then this guide will be helpful to you. In this guide, you will get to know the entire list of all races in Project Mugetsu.

List of all races in Project Mugetsu

Interestingly, there is no best race in the game. Each race in Project Mugetsu has its own perks and benefits. Osiris Productions has tried to make a game that is as balanced as possible between different races.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to pick whichever race suits you. You should use a strong character to make sure that you can level up and then upgrade your chosen race for unlocking its full potential. Here is a list of all races in Project Mugetsu and you’ll get a better understanding of these races.

Soul Reaper – The Protagonist Race

List of all Races in Project Mugetsu

Soul Reapers or Shinigami is considered to be the protagonist race in Project Mugetsu and it’ll give you the potential to become one of the strongest individuals in the game. By mastering their Shikai, the players will be able to increase their power greatly. This race will be easier for leveling up and reaching its full potential. The players will have to meditate to enhance their power and handle more powerful Hollows.

Hollow – The Antagonist Race

Hollows are evil spirits and they’re opposed to the Soul Reapers. While they can be pretty strong, the most powerful ones end up becoming the Arrancar. These Hollows are among the deadliest and most powerful types of Hollows while being a force to be reckoned with. Although it may take more grinding for leveling up a Hollow, it’ll be worth reaching the Arrancar level.

Fullbringer – The Unknown Race

Fullbringers aren’t available in Project Mugetsu. However, their relative power can be easily surmised from the Bleach anime or manga. The power level will vary depending on the user but overall, they aren’t quite as strong as Shinigami, Quincy, or Arrancar. It still remains to be seen if it carries over to the game but Osiris Production is expected to balance them well.

Quincy – The Unknown But Potentially Strong Race

Similar to Fullbringers, Quincy isn’t yet available in Project Mugetsu. In the Bleach anime, some of the strongest characters are Quincys. Whether it remains true or not in Project Mugetsu still remains to be seen, but the developers are expected to keep Quincy’s power level on par with other races or even make it harder to unlock it.

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