List of all schematic locations in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake is an incredibly popular survival horror video game franchise that came out in 2008. It takes place in the 26th century and follows the story of Isaac Clarke. Clarke is an engineer sent to repair a mining ship in deep space. However, things turn south quickly when the ship is overrun by alien creatures called Necromorphs and Isaac has to fight to survive.

There are schematics necessary if you’re looking to upgrade your equipment and abilities. In this guide, you will get to know the entire list of all schematic locations in Dead Space Remake.

List of all schematic locations in Dead Space Remake

Chapter 2

Pulse Round – Once the players have entered the Coolant Pipe, the schematics here can be seen on the immediate left.

Stasis Pack – This one is left of Dr. Brennan’s office and in the main lab changing room. There is a bench on the right of this room’s entrance where the schematic will be resting.

Chapter 3

List of all schematic locations in Dead Space Remake

Ripper Blades – The Ripper weapon ammo schematics will be found here after the players have used the first elevator. The schematics will be in the middle of a nearby open room right before the second elevator.

Medium Med Pack – The locker past the Decontamination Room Quarantine portion of the chapter will contain the schematic.

Flamethrower fuel – In the engine room, the players will locate the schematics near the Primary Engine panel that they should interact with to progress.

Chapter 4

Level Three Rig – Before you tackle the Calibrate Three ADS Cannons mission, the EVA Prop Room will host this schematic, which will be lying on the floor.

Chapter 5

Line Racks – The players will first require Security Clearance Level 2 for entering Dr. B. Warwick’s office after they pass by the Observation Room. Before you take the elevator beyond the Observation Room, you’ll be able to see the office to the right and the schematic will be sitting inside.

Chapter 6

Force Energy – Isaac’s Stasis feature in the game will be needed for reaching this schematic as it’ll rest between two electrical traps that need to be slowed down in the Air Filtration Tower.

Chapter 7

Contact Energy – Shooting the locks off the door through the broken window within Deck B: Processing Area will reveal the schematic within the previously blocked section.

Level Four Rig – At the top of the desk in the Equipment Workshop will be the schematic.

Chapter 8

Oxygen Tank – The Refueling Station on Floor 4 features the room that the schematic will sit in. However, it can only be accessed if you have Security Clearance Level 2.

Chapter 9

Large Med Pack – This schematic will lie in wait for players on the desk close to the entrance to the Infirmary.

Chapter 10

Level Five Rig – A bench in the Crew Quarters’ Bathrooms will hide the last suit upgrade in the schematic.

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