List of All Valheim Bosses in Order 2023

Valheim isn’t just about Viking survival skills but it is also about your killing abilities among other features in the game. Alongside many creatures that want you dead, each area has a big boss that needs to be summoned to be challenged. If you’re aware of the bosses in the game, then it’ll put you in a better position to conquer the game. In this guide, you will get to know the entire list of all Valheim Bosses in order.

Valheim is an incredibly popular game that pits gamers against a variety of Viking-related challenges and bosses. To progress through the game, players must summon each boss at their respective Mystical Altar and defeat them in order to move onto the next level.

List of all Valheim Bosses in Order

In Valheim, you will need to defeat the enemies in a particular order and each encounter will be a step up from the previous boss. Summoning the bosses will require you to place specific items in the region’s Mystical Altar as a sacrifice. So without further ado, here is the list of all Valheim bosses in order.


List of All Valheim Bosses in Order 2023

Item required – 2 Deer Trophies

The first challenge that you must overcome in the initial areas, this unfriendly reindeer shouldn’t be underestimated as the lightning attacks could get you by surprise in the worst possible moment. As the first boss, Eikthyr is also on the lower side of the difficulty curve.

The Elder

Item required – 3 Ancient Seeds

You can feel nature’s wrath when you’re facing this ancient forest creature. You need to keep a close eye on both his vine attacks and the surroundings as more creatures might join the fight if you are having an unlucky day.


Item required – 10 Withered Bones

You will be fighting Bonemass, a monstrous amalgamation in the Swamps, which means that you could be inflected with Wet the whole fight. For adding to the adversities, the Bonemass can occasionally swamp more creatures to help him, so you should be careful that you aren’t overwhelmed that easily.


Item required – 3 Dragon Eggs

It simply won’t be a Norse mythology game if you don’t kill at least one big dragon. Her aerial attacks can be pretty hard to dodge but she will eventually come down to smack some retribution on her. However, you should be careful with her freezing breath when she isn’t flying as it could be deadlier than the ice stacks.


Item required – 5 Fuling Totems

Yakluth is a long-forsaken king who is all about fire attacks. You should be ready that you dodge the explosions and some meteors along the way. Using fire-resistance items, first arrows, and other range attacks will be essential for surviving.

The Queen

Item required – 3 Seeker Soldier Trophies

The final boss of Valheim, The Queen, is slightly gimmicky. She will spawn automatically once you open the Infested Citadel, which will only open by a Sealbreaker made up of 9 fragments that can be found in the Infested Mines. The Queen’s alter is located at the top of the Citadel and it can be used for resummoning her if you desire. However, you should do this at your own risk as The Queen is very powerful, poisonous, and fast.

Each boss presents unique challenges that require different strategies from players in order for them to succeed. It takes dedication, skillful planning and quick reaction times in order for players make it past all 6 levels without being killed by one of these powerful enemies! With so much challenge packed into one game, Valheim offers hours upon hours worth entertainment – perfect those looking for something new or even veterans wanting another thrilling adventure!

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