Best Free Proxy Address for WhatsApp April 2024

When talking about instant messaging services, WhatsApp has managed to establish itself as one of the best in the domain. Moreover, the platform has grown tremendously from being just another messaging platform and become the go-to choice in the majority of professional workspaces. Thanks to the dependency on this service, there has been an astronomical growth in recent years.

If WhatsApp stops functioning, negative consequences for the users are to be expected. While the service in itself does not break down, there can be many restrictive measures in place that can prevent the app from functioning in those regions.

The good news is that it is possible to bypass such roadblocks and access WhatsApp using its proxy servers. In this guide, you will get to know the entire list of all WhatsApp Proxy Servers and how you can use them.

List of all WhatsApp Proxy Servers [Free & Paid]

IP Address Port Code Country Anonymity 80 IN India Transparent 80 IN India Elite 83 IN India Transparent 3129 IN India Elite 8080 SA Saudi Arabia Transparent 8111 SA Saudi Arabia NOA 8080 SA Saudi Arabia Average 8111 SA Saudi Arabia Elite 8080 SA Saudi Arabia High 9093 LB Lebanon Transparent 9093 LB Lebanon Elite 9093 KB Lebanon Transparent 8080 PK Pakistan (KPK) HIA 8080 PK Pakistan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) Elite 8080 PK Pakistan Anonymous 8080 PK Pakistan NOA 8080 PK Pakistan Anonymous 8080 PK Pakistan ANM 4995 PK Pakistan (Islamabad) High 8080 QA Qatar Elite 8080 QA Qatar NOA 8080 QA Qatar Transparent 4145 OM Oman Anonymous 80 OM Oman HIA 3128 AE United Arab Emirates Transparent 53281 AE United Arab Emirates HIA 3128 AE United Arab Emirates Anonymous 80 AE United Arab Emirates HIA 8080 AE United Arab Emirates NOA 8080 IR Iran NOA 59166 UK United Kingdom Average 80 IR Iran Anonymous 3128 IR Iran High 8088 IR Iran NOA 8080 IR Iran (Tehran) HIA 5678 TR Turkey High 8080 IQ Iraq HIA 8888 IQ Iraq NOA 8090 IT Italy elite proxy 8111 AF Afghanistan HIA 8080 AF Afghanistan (Kabul) NOA 8090 ID Indonesia elite proxy 9050 DE Germany Anonymous 8888 FR France anonymous 80 AU Australia elite proxy 80 BD Bangladesh High 8088 HK Hong Kong anonymous 9443 ES Spain elite proxy 80 FR France elite proxy 8088 HK Hong Kong anonymous 808 GB United Kingdom elite proxy 80 CH Switzerland elite proxy 80 DE Germany elite proxy 80 ES Spain elite proxy 80 HK Hong Kong elite proxy

How to use the proxy servers

List of all WhatsApp Proxy Servers | Free & Paid 2023

When it comes to using WhatsApp Proxy servers, then you don’t have to use any third-party proxy apps. Instead, WhatsApp comes built-in with this feature and you’ll be able to make use of this itself. Here is how to do that –

  • Launch WhatsApp before tapping on the overflow icon
  • After that, select Settings
  • Now, head over to Storage and Data before tapping on Proxy Settings
  • Then, enable the toggle next to “Use Proxy” and then tap on “Set Proxy”
  • Lastly, type in the desired proxy server address from the table and then hit “Save”

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