List of Best Farms to Start with in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an exciting farming simulation game that came out in 2016. This game has since become a staple in the simulation genre and attracted millions of virtual farmers around the world. In this game, the players need to take on the role of a farmer who is inheriting a run-down farm in a small village.

Your goal will be to restore the farm to its former glory by raising animals, planting crops, and completing tasks for the villagers. Along the way, you will need to explore the surrounding area, fish in the nearby lake, mine for minerals, and more. In this guide, you will get to know the list of best farms to start in Stardew Valley.

List of best farms to start with in Stardew Valley

Starting a new game in Stardew Valley will both be an exciting and daunting task. The players might feel that the standard farm could be too bland after several hours of gameplay and looking for a new adventure. At such times, you might want to know which is the best farm to start with. Here are some of the options –

Four Corners Farm

List of Best Farms to Start with in Stardew Valley

The Four Corners Farm can be considered the jack-of-all-trades. This farm is split into four areas, with each one of them reminiscent of the best parts of other farms. The top left will be a forest farm that has special needs and a regenerative hardwood stump. The bottom left will be a river.

Farmers who have a special affinity for finishing might find themselves spending a lot of hours there. The bottom right will be similar to the Hill-Top Farm. A small quarry spawns geodes, ores, and rocks. If you are looking to save yourself a trip to the cave, this will be a great option.

This farm has more than enough farming space. Players can maximize their crop profit without having to leave far from home to gather other resources.

Forest Farm

The Forest Farm is a game-changing farm due to its eight regenerating hardwood stumps found in the Secret Forest in the game. With more seasonal foraging items and unique weeds, it’ll be a treasure trove. The usefulness and charm of this farm will be something to consider when choosing your farm layout. However, remember that the additional places to fish will decrease the total land space for farming.

Beach Farm

The Beach Farm is perfect for players who are on the nth run of the game and are looking to spice up the gameplay. While it is both beautiful and enormous, you shouldn’t work in the sand. It can make late-game farming much more demanding. This farm will offer an easier way of collecting ocean fish and beach foraging items but it is definitely a good option for seasoned farmers who are looking for a feat to accomplish.

In conclusion, Stardew Valley is a brilliant farming simulation game that has charmed millions of gamers across the globe. With the summary of best farms we have specified, players can determine the ideal farm for their method of farming and foraging. Whether it is the Four Corners Farm with its multiple assets, the Forest Farm with its hardwood stumps, or the Beach Farm with its profusion of ocean fish, there is something for everyone. So take your apparatus, select a farm, and get to farming!

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