List of Hi-Fi Rush voice actors for all characters

Hi-Fi Rush is an exciting game that seems to be the talk of the gaming world recently. The game is simple to play and features addictive gameplay. In the game, there are different fun characters mixed with lots of exciting music. This is where the players will have the opportunity to manipulate the story and enjoy the adventure. This single-player game features many exciting characters with interesting personalities with each one of them being voiced by talented artists from the music industry. In this guide, you will get to know the list of Hi-Fi Rush voice actors for all characters.

What is Hi-Fi Rush?

Hi-Fi Rush is a game where you will be in control of a spaceship as you’re flying and your goal here is to reach the finish line while evading the obstacle challenges put in front of you. The game features a fast-paced soundtrack to add to the adrenaline rush of evading obstacles. It is very easy to control the spaceship, all that you need to do is tap the screen and it’ll move your spaceship up and down.

To make the gameplay exciting, it features bright, colorful graphics that you are bound to enjoy. Further, the design of the game is inspired by retro arcade games but the coders have put a modern twist to them. The graphics are quite smooth while the animation is fluid, which makes the game a joy. The game has an electrifying soundtrack, which will keep you pumped up as you are playing. The music is fast-paced and perfectly matches the gameplay. It will definitely get your blood flowing while keeping you focused on the game.

List of Hi-Fi Rush voice actors for all characters

List of Hi-Fi Rush voice actors for all characters

Here is the full list of the cast who have voiced the characters in Hi-Fi Rush –

  • Chai – Robbie Daymond
  • Kale Vanelay – Roger Craig Smith
  • CNMN – Sunil Malhotra
  • Peppermint – Erica Lindbeck
  • Macaron – Gabe Kunda
  • Roquefort – David Fane
  • Rekka – Misty Lee
  • Zanzo – Todd Haberkorn

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