Microwear X6 smart bracelet First Look and Details

Hello guys! Today, we are here with some really amazing news for all the smartwatch loves. Yes, today we are going to discuss the latest Microwear smartwatch. The Microwear X6 smart bracelet for woman has been recently launched and within no time it has become a huge hit among the masses. Microwear is a reputed brand that is known for producing exciting and highly advanced smartwatches. Time and time again they have released some amazing smartwatches and its X6 smart bracelet is the latest one of them.

The Microwear X6 smart bracelet is exclusively for the ladies and it is seen as a fashion statement by many. It comes with good material and is designed by keeping the latest fashion trends in mind so that this smartwatch also makes you stand out no matter what the occasion. The size of this smartwatch fits perfectly when compared to the men’s smartwatch. It is not just a smart bracelet but it is an accessory that completes your outfit.


This microwear smartwatch comes with an array of exciting features and specifications. But here are some of the main features that make it one of the best smartwatches on the market.

X6 smart bracelet main features:

  • IP68 waterproof technology – The Microwear X6 smart bracelet for woman comes with the latest IP68 waterproof technology. Having a waterproof smart bracelet is essential as it can often save your device from having to go for a repair or having to replace it after it stops working if water gets spilled. You can also wear it and go for a swim or participate in water sports without worrying about what will happen to the smartwatch.


  • Replaceable smart bracelet – The straps used in this smartwatch is an essential feature that adds to the beauty of this product. This smartwatch comes with two styles of straps – Milanese stain strap and leather strap. These straps are easily replaceable and both of them provide equal comfort and reliability.


  • Watch casing – This smartwatch is durable and rigid. It is made from the highest quality product and can last for years. This smartwatch has alloy wire drawing and it uses top quality ceramic materials for preparing a solid casing for the watch.
  • Simple but fashion design – This stylish smartwatch for women is incredibly simple yet at the same time it is really fashionable. It has an elegant and classy look to it which is why it can be matched and worn with any outfit. This smartwatch is a gorgeous accessory that will help complete your outfit for any occasion.


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