Netflix App Overriding Brightness on Android, Possible Ways To Fix

With each and every day, OTT platforms are increasing to entertain or relax us by providing either TV shows, movies, web series, music videos, or on-demand contents. Netflix is one of them and during this COVID-19 pandemic lockdown situation, it becomes one of the major cores for getting entertained or as a time pass solution for most of the home quarantined people, families, etc. But in recent days, the Netflix app is overriding brightness on Android devices. If you’re also one of them, check out the possible ways to fix it.

And when it comes to the Netflix app on your mobile, the content streaming becomes more useful and handy no matter wherever you’re. However, this issue becomes quite regular for most of the users and just ruining the multimedia experience.

So, actually the brightness of the Netflix Android app is either getting too low or too bright. Even the brightness settings set to a different level, the issue literally appearing every time. So, we’ve shared some of the tricks that may help you.

Netflix App Overriding Brightness on Android, Possible Ways To Fix

Netflix App Overriding Brightness on Android, Possible Ways To Fix

  1. Update Netflix App: First of all, you should check whether the Netflix app is running on the latest version or not. Head over to the Google Play Store and tap on the hamburger icon on the upper-left side. Tap on My Apps and Games – Here you may find the Netflix app update under Available Updates section. So, update the app properly.
  2. Reboot Your Device: It’s always recommended to reboot your device if you’re getting any app crashes or stuck issue or any glitching or lag or any brightness related issue. Just restart your handset and check whether the problem is solved or not.
  3. Adjust Netflix App’s Brightness: Simply play any video and tap on the screen once to see all the playback controls. Here you will find a brightness slider. Manually slide up or down the brightness level and set according to your preference.
  4. Use PIP (Picture-In-Picture) Mode: Just set a higher brightness of your device display – open Netflix app and play any content – Press the home button directly to run the Netflix app video in a PIP screen. From here, you can either close the app or go back to the full-screen mode. So, that the brightness related issue won’t be visible during PIP mode.
  5. Turn Off Bluelight Filter or Night Light: As the Bluelight filter or Night Light mode already reduces the screen brightness level and set a filter so that the brightness won’t affect to your eyes, it may be another reason for brightness issue while playing the Netflix app. You can turn it off from the notification toggle or from the device Settings menu. If you’re using any third-party app, then go to the app and turn it off temporarily while using the Netflix app.
  6. Turn Off Power Mode: If your battery level is low or you’re using the Power Mode on your device in order to save battery juice as long as possible, it will automatically reduce the brightness level for ultimate power efficiency. You should turn it off from the device Settings – battery – Power Mode while using the Netflix app.
  7. Reinstall Netflix App: Go to the Google Play Store app – Search for Netflix and tap on Uninstall option. Once done, reboot your device and reinstall it from the Play Store again. It may fix the particular issue in most cases.

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We hope by following these simple tricks, you may have fixed your brightness related issue on your Netflix Android app. Keep visiting the blog for more info.


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