One UI 7 Update Expected Date and My Features Wishlist

With the rollout of One UI 6.1 going in full flow, some Samsung fanatics are already looking forward to the future and wondering what to expect from the next major update, the One UI 7 update.

The One UI skin is the most polished, feature-rich custom Android skin that Samsung has released. The latest iteration based on Android 14 is a testament to Samsung’s ability to always one up most Android skins out there.

One UI 7, Samsung’s next major software update is expected to arrive some time in the second half of 2024. It will be based on Android 15 and come with a whole host of Android 15. But is there an expected date yet? Are there any specific features you might want in the One UI 7 update? Continue reading to find out.

Expected release date for One UI 7

Currently, there is no specific release date set for Samsung’s next major update. However, you can expect the update to arrive a few weeks after Android 15 is officially released. The Android update is expected to came out in late summer or early autumn, as seen with previous versions getting launched in late August/early September.

As long as Android 15 follows suit, the One UI 7 update could arrive a month or so later. Hence you can expect the One UI 7 update to be available in November or early December for eligible smartphones.

My Features Wishlist for the One UI 7 update

One UI 7 update

As the One UI update is still far away, there is no talk on the possible features and functionalities. However, this gives us a lot of time to ponder and come up with features we’d ideally want to be included in the upcoming update.

Better battery health monitoring

One of the first things I want in the upcoming update is improved battery health monitoring. If Android 15 is introducing this feature, then Samsung must incorporate it too. With Samsung’s commitment to providing longer software support cycle, being able to understand the battery health ends up being a crucial aspect. Ideally, this feature should offer better insight into the number of charging cycles your handset has completed. Moreover, it should also display the battery health as a percentage of the original capacity.

More AI Features Integration with One UI 7.0

Another nifty feature that could be added is the ability to run an AI model like ChatGPT or Google Gemini on your Samsung handset directly. Even if Samsung decides to limit this feature to flagship models due to processing demands, it can still be a great feature that could revolutionize different aspect of the flagship experience. It could speed on your experience with generative image editing, smart typing suggestions, and real-time translations.

More Customization

Lastly, Samsung should also bring more customization options. While One UI already offers a whole host of options, there is always room for a bit more. How about giving the users the ability to resize/reformat home screen folders or even change the icon shapes?

We hope this helped you learn more about the One UI 7 update, its expected date, and my Features Wishlist. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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