Reasons the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus Are Worth Buying

‘Stunning Infinity Display’ – Most of you would have recognized where you have heard this tagline. For others it might be ringing a bell, doesn’t this sound familiar?

Let me tell you this what you would now be seeing in the market is ‘Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 plus‘. Every single digit increment in the model of a phone brings a myriad of expectations to the buyers. We are constantly looking out for features that make us say ‘WOW‘.

Now let’s get started on the features and see if they let those magical words out of you.

1. Display

Galaxy S8

I am quite sure many of us would have wondered what’s up with the breaking phone boundaries we saw in the ‘ Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 plus’ advertisement. It is the key feature of what they call as ‘Stunning Infinity Display’. This is termed as bezel-free display where the top and bottom bezels are almost shaved out. They come in 2 variants – 5.8-inch and a 6.2-inch display. There is no doubt that it has achieved a striking display. But on the downside, the 6.2-inch display doesn’t allow you the ease to browse through the notifications single handed. There are some apps that do not fit the elongated aspect ratio.

2. Camera

Galaxy S8

People have increasingly been drawn towards this feature in smartphones. Good news is there are improvements on this front. Pixel-rescue capture technique has been utilized. In this multiple photos are combined to make it a single image. There is an 8MP front and 12 MP rear camera. It does a decent job in low lights but does not capture significant details as one would expect. 

3. Hardware

Galaxy S8

Depending on where you live you get two choices of hardware- Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa-core (US) and Exynos 8895 (Asia & Europe) both with 4GB RAM. Exynos has a slight edge on Qualcomm Snapdragon as it performs marginally better and efficient. Bluetooth 5.0 provides a range of 4X over its predecessor 4.2. It has Qualcomm’s X16 LTE modem that provides a whopping 1000Mbit speed which lets you browse those pages faster.

4. Software

Galaxy S8

UI looks better than its previous editions. You still get all the Microsoft apps as default and poor clones of Google apps. It has a multi-window mode that is awesome to use and look at, beware it consumes 16GB off the 64GB storage. 

5. Battery


Samsung Galaxy S8 with 3000mAh and Samsung S8 Plus with 3500mAh battery are not very strong runners. With all day internet usage, S8 Plus should offer close to the 1-day battery. 

6. Price

Samsung S8 Plus is worth Rs.64,490 and Samsung S8 is Rs.56,999

The overall brilliant effort by Samsung to keep at par with its counterparts. But it still lacks that oomph that makes you say – ‘WOW’

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