Road to Valor: Empires – Beginner’s Guide / Tips and Tricks for Success

Road to Valor: Empires is a player vs player (PvP) strategy game recently launched by South Korean video game developer Krafton. This mobile game challenges players to take on quests, build armies, and fight against foes on the battlefield as they command mythical troops and legendary guardians.

While Road to Valor: Empires may seem daunting, with the right strategy, beginners can jump right in and win games in the blink of an eye. Here are some tips and tricks that every player needs to know to learn the game and win every battle.

Choose the right Guardians

Road to Valor: Empires has 12 different Guardians, but as a beginner, you can choose from the following three: Caesar (Roman), Cyrus (Persian), and Beowulf (Norman). Every Guardian possesses different active and passive skills, so players should choose their Guardian based on their preferred play style.

It is also worth noting that players can have more than one deck, which allows them to select another Guardian for another deck and run unique setups using their Battle Units.

Know your troops

Road to Valor: Empires - Beginner's Guide / Tips and Tricks for Success

Along with the Guardian, players can choose eight units ranging from cavalry, spearmen, and infantry to form their army. All the units have different battle styles; some of them are ranged, some melee, and some of the units are defensive ones with shields.

Players should be sure to check and understand the following statistics before selecting their deck:

  • Attack Damage
  • Hit Points (HP)
  • Attack type
  • Movement speed
  • Time to deploy

It is beneficial to have a good balance of defense and attack in the deck. Cavalry trumps most infantry units except spearmen, shield units are strong against ranged attacks, and ranged attacks are powerful against melee attacks with low defense. These dynamics are important to keep in mind when building a strong army.


Players cannot be running the same units without upgrading them. The level of difficulty in Road to Valor: Empires increases as you climb up the ranks. Players should upgrade their units and Guardians regularly so that their stats are improved and so that they can take on stronger opponents. After every win, players receive gold coins.

Spend these coins judiciously to upgrade existing units and unlock new ones. Players can check the shop section of the game to win free chests and other rewards every day. Additionally, players can equip and dismantle battle equipment on their units by going to the Armory, which improves the base stats of their units.


Coming up with good strategies and understanding what works best is the way to become a top player in Road to Valor: Empires. Players need to build the right army with a strong defense, attack, and tactics, and try out different combinations of factions, Guardians, and battle units. When mixing and matching, players will eventually find what works for them and have their unique winning formula.

The different customizable decks come in handy. Whenever a player sees an enemy with an interesting deck that they lost, they can come back and try to imitate it.

Gameplay mechanics of Road to Valor: Empires

Players command “Guardians” along with armies of their choice to compete against other players in Road to Valor: Empires. They have a larger variety of unit types across multiple civilizations to make the perfect army of their choice.The hero-units called “Guardians” lead the “eight-unit” army to win the game.

Players have the choice to select one guardian from a list of 12 and 8 units from “more than 60” (86 units, buildings, and abilities to be exact at the time of writing) across four factions (Civilizations as per Age of Empires terms). The list of civilizations includes Roman, Persian, Norman, and Japanese. Each civilization offers a choice between three Guardians. The starting choice of Guardians includes Caesar, Cyrus, Beowulf, and Hanzo

The game offers a variety of customizable decks, Guardians, and battle units that players can use to form their armies. As a beginner, it is important to choose the right Guardians, understand your troops’ statistics, upgrade your units, and strategize. With these tips and tricks, players can quickly learn the game and start winning battles.

As they progress in the game, players can continue to refine their strategies and experiment with different combinations to find their unique winning formula. Overall, Road to Valor: Empires is an enjoyable game that is worth trying out for anyone looking for a challenging and strategic PvP game.

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