Samsung Charging for Green Display Line Issue Fix: Users Outraged

The notorious Green Display Line issue is one of the most dreaded issues for Android users. And if recent reports are to be believed, the notorious Green Display Line issue has returned to haunt Samsung users and this issue is evident after updating the phone.

While exploring the web, I noticed a spike in complaints regarding green lines appearing on Samsung Galaxy S21 models, including the Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Many affected users state that vertical green lines have popped up on the display after the latest software update. That isn’t to say that it is a software-side issue and can be easily fixed through a patch update. It is possible that the underlying hardware defect was exacerbated by this update while manifesting as green lines on the screen.

Samsung users start getting Green Display Line issue

Green Display Line

The Green Display Line issue is a rather common issue with OLED screens and it has been noticed among smartphones manufactured by other companies, including OnePlus and Apple.

It isn’t known what exactly causes this issue. Samsung has previously stated that this might be due to dead pixels. Other reasons I believe this could occur is due to a damaged or loose display connector, water or fall impact, or incorrect configuration.

In most cases, the lines suddenly appear out of the blue and not due to a phone getting dropped or damaged in any way.

However, many users were left shocked after Samsung has started charging money to resolve the Green Display Line issue. I came across a number of tweets and posts talking about how this is an inconvenience over something that didn’t come from the user’s end.

An X (previously Twitter) user Hercules_UTD had green lines appear on their Samsung Galaxy S21 FE after the March Update, stating that their handset had no physical detect. They were appalled when Samsung wanted a payment of up to $167.65 (₹14,000 Indian Rupees) for the screen replacement.

The situation was the same on Reddit as I came across Reddit user penguinastronomy who mentioned that Samsung wanted $469 to fix the screen and this left them deeply distrust Samsung.

Samsung Not Assuming Responsibility

Judging by such stories, it seems that Samsung isn’t assuming any responsibility for the Green Display Line issue and the only option for customers involves footing the bill for a new screen.

We hope this helped you learn more about Samsung charging money to fix Green Display Line issue. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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