Samsung Galaxy A21 receives Android 12 based One UI Core 4.1 in the US

Samsung has officially released the Android 12 update for the Samsung Galaxy A21. The update has started to be rolled out in the US for carrier-locked models and brings the July 2022 Security Patch. Meanwhile, the unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy A21 hasn’t received the update but the update is expected to arrive in the coming days and weeks.

The Android 12 update for the Samsung Galaxy A21 handsets will come with the firmware version A215USQU7CVI3. According to the changelog, this update will bring One UI Core 4.1 for the mid-range device.

Changelog for the Android 12-based One UI Core 4.1 update for Galaxy A21

The Samsung Galaxy A21 is getting a UI redesign with the Color Palette feature that extracts primary colors from the chosen wallpaper and applies the colors to various UI elements across the system. Security and privacy have been improved as well. The device can now display permissions at a glance such that you’re able to decide whether you want the app to have permission for specific aspects of your data. You can even choose to offer apps an approx. location instead of the accurate location. Moreover, you’ll be able to choose to get notified if the apps access information in your phone’s clipboard.

Samsung has also cleaned the camera app’s UI while enabling the Portrait Mode for pets. The camera app starts to record videos as soon as the finger touches the shutter button. Earlier, the video recording would start once the shutter button was touched and released. The new design will ensure that the user never misses a precious moment.

Steps to install the One UI Core 4.1 Update for Samsung Galaxy A21

Samsung Galaxy A21 receives Android 12 based One UI Core 4.1 in the US

In case you are a Samsung Galaxy A21 user in the United States, you should be on the lookout for the Android 12-based One UI Core 4.1 update as you’ll be receiving it anytime in the coming days. You can also manually check for the update by following these simple instructions –

  • Simply navigate to the Settings
  • Look for the Software Update option
  • Tap on Download and Install the update
  • Reboot your device and once your device restarts, you can enjoy the new update
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