Samsung is set to help Google in making the Tensor 2 chip

Samsung and Google are two of the leading names when it comes to the mobile industry. Now imagine how powerful it would be if the two joined forces and came up with something revolutionary. Well, this might be about to happen and it’ll come in the form of Tensor 2.

Debuted with the Google Pixel 6 smartphone lineup, the Tensor is Google’s first custom mobile processor. The brand launched it at the time of Exynos 2100 and Snapdragon 888. However, it wasn’t as powerful as the creation of the two traditional chip giants.

Google and Samsung to collaborate on Tensor 2 chip

Moving ahead, Google will be working to develop the 2nd-gen Tensor chipset and it’ll debut with the upcoming Google Pixel 7 smartphone series. Reportedly, Google will be taking the help of Samsung for the production of the 4nm-based Tensor 2 processor. It’s also worth mentioning that the first generation Tensor chipset that debuted with the Pixel 6 lineup is built on 5nm processor technology. Meanwhile, it is almost confided that the Tensor 2 will be manufactured on the new Samsung 4nm processor technology and will bring the benefit of machine learning and AI.

What to expect from the upcoming Tensor 2 chip?

Samsung is set to help Google in making the Tensor 2 chip

As it’ll be the 2nd chipset by the US tech giant, tech enthusiasts can expect more power efficiency and performance. However, the report didn’t advertise anything adventurous except for claims of an increase in the efficiency of producing the CPU. Aside from that, Samsung is also reportedly working on the latest Exynos 2300 mobile platform that is likely to be launched with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone lineup. Although the Exynos 2200 was heavily criticized, Samsung isn’t dropping the Exynos chip creation, at least for one more try.

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