Show internet speed on the status bar in Samsung Galaxy phones with this trick

he internet becomes an unmatched and indulging part of our life that some times we feel irritated or awkward when the internet goes off or stopped working for a minute or so. Similarly, this thing happens with our smartphone, electricity, and more.

From getting connected with people via phone calls or text messages, now the internet takes place hugely. Without an internet connection, you can’t really spend your full day easily whether you’re a working person or even a student. So, if you’re using the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection and feels slow internet speed or a webpage not loading properly in some times, you should set up an internet speed indicator on the status bar of your phone. Here we will share the way to Show internet speed on the status bar in Samsung Galaxy phones with this trick.

These days mobile data carriers are trying to provide a faster and reliable internet connection for their users. But due to the huge consumer base and higher latency rate, users may not get similar kind of speed or reliable connection all the time. The same thing happens with broadband connections as well.

So, if you’re a heavy or non-stop internet user for your work or study or anything else and facing internet connection dropping or low-speed issues, you can install and start using the internet speed indicator on your Samsung Galaxy and other smartphones as well.

Show internet speed on the status bar in Samsung Galaxy phones with some apps

Show internet speed on the status bar in Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung Galaxy devices are currently running on One UI skin which is a customized UI for Galaxy devices only based on Android OS. However, Samsung didn’t put the network speed indicator feature on One UI yet. Whereas, other custom skins like Xiaomi’s MIUI, OxygenOS from OnePlus, Funtouch OS from Vivo has inbuilt option to show internet speed on the status bar.

But if you’re a Samsung Galaxy device user, you can easily install any of the third-party apps from Google Play Store that will help you to keep tracking internet speed from the status bar. Let’s take a look at a couple of apps below:

1. Internet Speed Meter Lite

This app is very simple to use and shows you both mobile data and Wi-Fi consumed data on a daily basis. It also provides real-time internet speed on the status bar and at the end of the month, you can keep record the total consumed data as well.

[appbox googleplay com.internet.speed.meter.lite&hl=en]

2. NetSpeed Indicator

It offers a network connection speed on your Android devices so that you can easily monitor the current internet speed in the status bar (upload & download). Additionally, it also provides daily data/Wi-Fi usage with an advanced notification feature. Most importantly, you can choose to hide the indicator option when the device is not connected to an internet connection.

[appbox googleplay com.nisargjhaveri.netspeed]

3. Speed Indicator

Network Speed Indicator app is a small, fast, and free to use network speed indicating tool. You can monitor your network speed in real-time and it shows accurate info instantly in the background.

[appbox googleplay]

You can easily install any of the mentioned apps on your Samsung Galaxy device via Google Play Store. We hope this article is useful to you.

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