Steelrising Best Weapons Tier List: Best weapons

Steelrising is the latest action RPG game on the scene that looks like it’s heading to the top. The game’s recent release has garnered incredible hype from the players. Moreover, the intricate design and world-building will allow you to explore and experiment with different features. Further, the game will also give you immense options and weapons to choose from. This guide features the Steelrising Best Weapons Tier List to help you know which weapons are the best.

Steelrising Best Weapons Tier List

Tier S – Fire Chain

Offering a surprisingly great amount of range, the Fire Chain is a powerful weapon that builds up the fire damage in enemies you’ve hit. Once you do enough damage, they’ll slowly start taking damage over time. It means that you won’t have to do raw damage for killing your opponents, just enough damage to kill most things you find.

Tier A – Volley Mallet, Falchion and Sabre

Volley Mallet is another incredibly powerful weapon. Once you take on “The Bishop of the Cite”, you’ll be able to head up to the area behind him using a grappling hook to grab it. The heavy piece of equipment is basically a large mallet that has guns attached to it. Aside from doing serious physical damage, you’ll be able to use its alternate fire for hitting enemies from range. Coming with tremendous physical damage, it’ll do a great job to pair with status effect-based weapons.

If you’re looking for a powerful weapon, you simply cannot go wrong with Falchion and Sabre. Providing amazing scaling with agility and power, this weapon can be used at an incredible speed to deal tonnes of immobilization damage. Aside from this, it has got a nasty power attack where your character will spin around hitting a few times. If you’re able to time it well, you’ll be able to take on multiple enemies in one go.

Tier B – Charleville 1789 Shield Musket

Steelrising Best Weapons Tier List: Best weapons

The Charleville 1789 Shield Musket is among the game’s best-ranged weapons and it’s found in the chest after the first boss in Saint-Cloud. Being able to get your hands on the gun early on, it can carry you throughout the game. It’ll deal high frost damage, which means you’ll be able to freeze enemies and hit them with multiple attacks in a row.

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