Steps to Connect Android 15 Phone to a Satellite

Back in 2022, Apple introduced satellite connectivity with the iPhone 14 and Google has also stepped into this technology. Though satellite connectivity hasn’t become a popular or major thing yet for the Android platform, it seems that Google and the T-Mobile carrier have worked with integrated satellite connectivity in Android 15. However, the 2024’s latest flagship devices haven’t received the same function at the time of writing this article. But the upcoming Pixel 9 series may have this option out of the box. So, how you can Connect Android 15 Phone to a Satellite?

Multiple reports claim that Google is trying to use a new Exynos modem on the upcoming Pixel 9 lineup which should be able to connect to the satellites using the device settings menu. Recently, a new leak has been unveiled that the Android Satellite Pointing UI is expected to be a part of Android 15. But there is a catch! The sky should be cleared so that your phone can connect to a satellite properly.

The Satellite connectivity in Android will allow users to reach out to their emergency contacts in any accidental or emergency scenarios. Before the satellite UI appears, you’ll need to notify fo the emergency contacts that you need help. Next, you should have to answer predefined questions which will lead to the access of emergency services in a faster way.

This feature will work seamlessly on Pixel 9 running Android 15 OS or later whenever users trigger the emergency services in a no-signal place. The satellite connectivity will do its work. As you can see in the post on X below, users will have to move around or tilt their phone left-right to place the satellite icon inside the circle to start connecting to the satellite.

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As per the reports, the satellite pointing UI will only be available on next-generation Google Pixel handsets such as the Pixel 9 & Pixel Fold 2. However, we’re expecting that more and more Android devices will start getting the same support in the future. If we talk about hardware compatibility, these eligible Pixel devices will most probably come with a new Exynos 5400 modem for 5G non-terrestrial networks.

Satellite connectivity will arrive in Android 15 officially at the end of October 2024 apart from the Pixel 9 series in the US region before any other countries initially.

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