How to switch from 60Hz to 90Hz to 120Hz on your Realme smartphone?

In recent times, Realme has launched numerous smartphones having 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rate displays with LCD or AMOLED panels. The technology and a higher refresh rate will give a clearer and smoother display when using apps or playing videos. While previously, Realme smartphones were only capable of 60Hz, but in recent months, Realme has successfully reached a 120Hz refresh rate.

While in the past, most devices, especially Realme devices, would run on 60Hz, but now there are many smartphones that come with 90Hz or 120Hz. Moreover, it is indeed possible to change the display rate on your Realme smartphone from 60Hz to 90Hz to 120Hz. In this guide, you will get to know the step-by-step process of how to change and increase the screen refresh rate.

Increase the refresh rate on your Realme smartphone

A screen refresh rate is the number of times the display can update an image in a second. Most smartphones use 60Hz refresh rates, i.e. refreshes 60 times per second on the screen. A higher refresh rate will allow for less lag and stuttering on display and much faster screen response.

With the exceptional bezel-less AMOLED/LCD display, you’ll be able to get the very best screen experience on your Realme smartphone. As good as the display on your Realme device might be, it would be smart to change the refresh rate.

How to change the screen refresh rate on your Realme device?

How to switch from 60Hz to 90Hz to 120Hz on your Realme smartphone?

  • Head over to the “Settings” menu
  • Select the “Display & Brightness” option
  • You’ll need to scroll down and tap on “More”
  • Simply tap on the “Screen refresh rate” option and then change the refresh rate from 60Hz to 90Hz to 120Hz
  • You can then select the “Standard and High screen settings”

Note: While using the device at 90Hz or 120Hz will certainly improve the display experience but it’ll also consume more battery than usual. If you’re looking to save the battery on your device, then it would be better to stick to the standard 60Hz option.

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