How to take Screenshot on Nokia 8

The Nokia 8 finally gives us a Nokia-powered flagship Android phone after all the years of dreaming! Looking at the Nokia 8 specs, at the phone’s core sits a Snapdragon 835 processor with 4GB RAM. There’s also a powerful 13MP dual-camera configuration, and more. In this quick guide, we’ll share how to take screenshot on Nokia 8.

The process to take a screenshot on Nokia 8 follows almost the same process we have been using on other Nokia phones. The new Nokia 8 comes with a pure stock Android interface without any custom skin and uses Pixel launcher, so faking screen on Nokia 8 and Pixel devices are relatively same.

Taking screenshot is the best way to share your achievements with friends in any game or something you wanna give them proof of that you actually did it. This can also be helpful in capturing something really important on your screen. The Screenshot capture feature is present in almost every Android device but for each OEM it is somehow different. Below we have shared the process to take screenshot on Nokia 8.

How to take Screenshot on Nokia 8

.How to take Screenshot on Nokia 8


Just follow the below simple steps to take screenshot on Nokia 8

  • Turn on your device display and move to the screen that you wish to capture.
  • Now press and hold Power button + Volume Down button on the side simultaneously for a moment.
  • You will see an animation with a click sound notifying you that the screenshot has been taken.

So that was all about the process to capture screenshot on Nokia 8 by Hardware button combination. Now we show how to access the captured Screenshots on Nokia 8.

  1. Just swipe down the notifications bar and tap on the recently captured screenshot.
  2. It will open the last captured screen for you.
  3. To access all the screenshots you captured on your device. Go to Gallery and open the Screenshots folder.
  4. There you II find the collection of all the screenshot you took now or earlier.

If you have any questions related to this guide, feel free to leave that in the comment section down below 🙂

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