The world’s first IP68 waterproof Microwear H1 3G Smartwatch (Giveaway)

The world’s first IP68 waterproof Microwear H1 3G Smartwatch: Smartwatch market has a new entrance and this time It is one of the most popular electronics companies Microwear.Microwear has announced its new smartwatch Microwaer H1.Microwear H1 is made by The world’s top technical team of Shenzhen KTC Smartwatch R & D team after 2 years Research. No matter in Menu design, human-computer interaction and consumption, or in Step counting accuracy, sports professional and Bluetooth connection stability, there is no doubt that H1 put the Smartwatch development speed in a faster move.

Microwear H1 is Equipped with MTK6572 chip, the same TP as HUAWEI WATCH a 1.39 inch 400*400 screen resolution, AMOLED display, 500W camera, supports WCDMA 3G Internet, Wifi supports GSM four frequency call. H1 makes your daily communication easier and more efficient.



Intimate design, users could change the strap according to personal preferences. We offer 2 options for the strap, steel and the TPU.Microwear H1 is your life health assistant, it provides all the sport date you needed. It Monitors your Heart rate and sleep all the day, there are many Movement patterns customers could use: Walking, running outdoors, indoor running, climbing, cross-country running, half horse, horse riding. According to the Movement patterns, H1 Professionally helps you comprehensively analysis user’s sports data. Besides, the built-in GPS records your whole tracking( Could turn off when you do not want this function), the change of heart rate, mileage, calorie consumption, speed per hour, stride frequency, height changes, speed and other professional data.



We provide more useful outdoor tools in the H1, like the Compass, pressure, altitude, weather, GPS navigation and so on. Hi has more than 40 built-in dial and supports Wireless upgrade, which allows users to experience the best new software. Owing to a H1, you know where you are and where to go, do not have to worry you will lost in the path.

What makes Microwear Hi stand out from all the Smartwatches is that its waterproof level reaches IP68, as we all know that IP68 is the world’s best waterproof level currently. Most of us afraid that our smartwatch will get wet when we washing our hands, bathing, getting wet in the rain, bathing, swimming, if you wear our Hi, all the problem could deal with. Even water submersion do not pose a risk to the integrity of the H1.


As the biggest watch motherboard programme supplier in the world , KTC created an amazing motherboard sales record in 2016, which reached 35 million. We are sure that H1 is the most anticipated Smartwatch in2017, its stunning debut would definitely bring every customer many surprises!

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