Updates on the Stitch Level 10 Quest Locked Bug in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It’s not uncommon for players to encounter bugs and issues in video games, and Disney Dreamlight Valley is no exception. In addition to the Stitch Level 10 Quest locked bug, which we discussed earlier, there have been reports of other issues affecting players of the game.

Crafting Station Bug in Stitch’s Hobby Quest

According to multiple reports, several players of Disney Dreamlight Valley have experienced issues with the crafting station in Stitch’s hobby quest. In this quest, players are required to craft and deliver a TV, but some have reported that the already crafted TV is missing from their inventory, preventing them from completing the quest. This bug is believed to have been introduced with a recent update to the game.

While some players on Twitter have reported that the issue with the crafting station was resolved with a new update, the level 10 quest glitch remains unfixed.

level 10 quest glitch remains unfixed
Dreamlight valley level 10 quest glitch remains unfixed-twitter

Level 10 Quest Locked for Nintendo Switch Players

Another issue affecting Disney Dreamlight Valley players is the level 10 quest being locked, even when players have met the requirements for the quest. This issue seems to be specific to players on the Nintendo Switch platform, with players on other platforms able to progress without any issues.

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One player on Reddit suggested that waiting until the next day after reaching level 10 may resolve the issue, allowing players to continue with their game as normal.

Official Acknowledgment of the Crafting Station Bug

Official Acknowledgment of the Crafting Station Bug Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney has released an official statement acknowledging the crafting station bug and stating that it has been fixed. However, it is worth noting that the level 10 quest bug remains unfixed at this time.

We hope that Disney will address this issue and fix the bugs with the Stitch Level 10 Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley soon. We will continue to monitor developments and update this article as more information becomes available.

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