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8 Useful ways to free up space on Android 2017

If you are also facing the over spaced or insufficient storage problem on your android device then this article is made for you in this articl we will show you Top 8 useful ways to free up space on Android 2017. Having over spaced android is really a big headache because if your device is full or it has insufficient storage then you may not be able to download your favorite apps , musics , movies , image and more. (Ways to free up space on Android)

Android’s smartphone and tablets are fill up so quickly when we install apps, download movies or music, some low budget smartphone comes with 1Gb or 2GB internal storage and for them, this is a very huge problem because they can not get full advantage of their android. Sometimes over spaced android phone or tablet results in hanging of mobile or made our smartphone really very slow. (Ways to free up space on Android )

But don’t worry you can free space on your android smartphone or tablet with the help of this guide,we’ve shared 8 killer ways to get most of your android space back without uninstalling/installing any app, so let’s get started.

Below we have shared most common 8 Useful ways to free up space on Android 2017

Top 8 Useful ways to free up space on Android 2017

Top 8 Useful ways to free up space on Android 2017

1.Save photos and videos to EXTERNAL SD card by default instead of internal storage(Ways to free up space on Android)

We don’t even know how many selfie or video we capture in a day sometimes these images and video took so much space on your mobile’s internal storage that even we can’t think so instead of deleting your precious videos or images it is better to move your photos and video to your mobile external SD card whenever we capture . you can set it by going to your mobile’s camera setting and then tap on storage and select SD Card.

2.Clean your Download Folder

Just like we have download folder in our computer or iMac we also have the same folder on our android smartphone it’s a favourite hiding place for miscellaneous junk files downloaded from the online or by your numerous android apps.Open the app drawer and click Downloads to check what’s lurking within the Downloads folder. faucet the three-line menu within the high corner of the screen and kind the list of downloads by size, then take a glance at what’s hogging the most of thespace for storing. If you see something you don’t would like, touch and hold the file to pick it, then touch the Trash button.

3.Clean offline areas in your google map

Downloading a map within the latest version of the Google Maps app makes for an excellent easiest way to navigate once your device is offline, particularly currently that each looking and driving directions is supported.
But those searchable offline “areas” come back at a cost: space for storing, and probably countless it. Indeed, one offline map will consume quite a GB of storage it would depend on the size of the location.
You can check what proportion area your offline maps have staked out by touching the three-line hamburger button within the high corner of the most Google Maps interface, then click Offline areas. The storage utilized by every offline map is displayed below its name; click the map and touch Delete to reclaim its space for storing.

4.Move all your photos to iCloud

Photos will take up lots of storage on your smartphone. instead of storing all on your phone, you’ll use a app that itself uploads photos you are taking to a web account like Google Photos, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Flickr, or one thing else. Google Photos is integrated into the “Photos” app on your humanoid device and offers unlimited storage of photos. you’ll be able to access them from inside the Photos app or at on any laptop.

5.Clean Cache and Junk file from Your Android

Whenever we download any apps or apk from online world then it comes with cache or junk file which we are non of our use these cache and junk files some times took a lots of storage you can just simply remove by installing any app cache cleaner app from play store one of my favcorite cache cleaner app is Clean Master. Clean Master is best app to remove cache and junk files and this app is really handy to use you must give this app a try and release space of your android device.

6.Uninstall the useless apps

If you put in lots of apps you’ll already suspect, somewhere deep within, that every one of those supplemental apps aren’t extremely adding to your overall user expertise, which most of them is simply occupying area and they don’t even be used so its a better step to remove all this app which you don’t use.

7.Do a Factory Reset

If you want to make your phone just like when it was came to you then you can do it by doing factory reset. factory reset will delete all your internal storage apps , cache and junk files and make your smartphone just like new it even increase the speed of your android smartphone its a better choice to do a factory reset if you really want to get huge space back on your android.

8.Move data to SD Card

Many android devices still ship with microSD card slots, though they’re changing into less and fewer common on newer devices. If your phone or pill will have a microSD card slot, you’ll gain a lot of storage by ever-changing SD card.The storage you gain can’t typically be used for apps and alternative system files, however you’ll store music, videos, pictures, and alternative media files there. Please fit this in your mind that not all the apps may be shifted to the memory device. Some apps need to be keep on the phone internal storage and that they can’t be shifted from there.

So these are the 8 ways to free up space on your android i hope you like it if you have any queries please comment below 🙂

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