Users Can Finally Transfer eSIMs From One Android Device To Another

Google has quietly launched a tool to transfer electronic SIM cards (eSIMs) between Android phones. This long-awaited feature is set to revise the way Android phone owners manage their mobile plans and switch devices.

Google Quietly Launches eSIM Transfer Tool

The eSIM transfer feature was first announced at a tech conference earlier this year. It is currently working with T-Mobile eSIMs, showing that more carriers will likely be supported over time.

One user was able to transfer their eSIM from an older LG phone to a new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra just by scanning a QR code. The tool also worked between a Galaxy S24 Ultra and a Google Pixel 8 Pro, showing that it is compatible with different Android devices.

The Future of Mobile Connectivity

Users Can Finally Transfer eSIMs From One Android Device To Another

This update from Google helps remove one of the hassles of switching phones. Electronic SIM cards (eSIMs) could eventually replace the physical SIM cards we use today.

That would make it simpler to sign up for new carrier plans, change providers, or test out temporary options. In the past, while eSIMs were easy to set up remotely, moving them between different phones proved tricky.

Google’s new transfer tool aims to simplify that process. Now people can swap devices without needing an in-person visit to a store or struggling through complicated setup steps.


Dibyashree Sharma
Dibyashree Sharma
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