What are Depop Bots: Everything you need to know

If you’re on your smartphone or PC a lot and you’re involved with the online marketplace, then you would have heard of the term “Depop Bots”. As Depop has thousands of second-hand clothing and accessories platform, it isn’t uncommon to receive likes and comments on the posts from fake bots. Engaging with the bots can result in reduced engagement from genuine users. But what exactly are these bots. If you’re curious to find out about these things, then this guide will be perfect for you. In this guide, you will get to know what are Depop Bots.

What are Depop Bots?

What are Depop Bots: Everything you need to know

A Depop bot is a software that can automate the daily tasks that you perform on the Depop app on a daily basis. Firstly, depop bots can perform a lot of things. Here are some of them –

  • Refresh your items such that you appear higher on search results
  • Follow people in mass and unfollow them later
  • Automate sending messages to your followers, buyers, likers
  • Like items randomly

This means that you’ll be able to go hands-free and let the Depop Bot do all the daily tasks for you. This means that you’ll have a lot more free time now that the bot is doing the work and helping you increase your depop sales. Most bots can easily work on your Desktop on a Chrome browser. They can be installed as a Chrome extension or a Firefox add-on.

It means that you’ll need to keep the Desktop Chrome Browser window active at all times as the bot will do the work for you. There are different types of bots available. Some of them have a couple of components whereas others have more. Some of them are slow and buggy whereas others are performant and full of efficient features. You should also be aware of cheap or free depop bots as it might not have the support and performance as a paid one.

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