What are the disadvantages of streaming TV?

Streaming services are all the talk of the town. It is one of the major driving forces that the viewers have been cutting their cable TV cords. Nevertheless, if you are here reading this then you must also be a user stuck on an impasse whether to switch to the streaming services or to stick to the cord. Of course, you must have heard all the pros about streaming TV and why should you get it almost immediately, but for rational thought, you must also know that what is the disadvantage of streaming TV. That is exactly why we are here today. To walk you through some prominent cons of streaming TV and why you should keep them in mind while making this switch.

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So, why wait for any more to check out some of the disadvantages of streaming TV as well so that you know exactly what you are getting into and what to expect.

What are the disadvantages of streaming TV?

Not Every Content Is Available

Expect to not be able to stream the same programs that you may watch on cable or satellite TV. You might also be dissatisfied if you do not do so. The majority of the cable TV shows are not available on streaming services, so make sure to check if any of your favorite cable TV shows are available on the streaming service you are considering. This is especially true for the programs that are popular with the general public and are only shown on a single channel. This happens mainly due to the higher content licensing fees, and not all streaming providers are authorized to air those popular shows.

Not an Ad-free Experience Anymore

Since there are more streaming services available, more plans and packages are being offered at affordable prices. These low price plans have a catch and they are the advertisements. The initial idea that also caused people to move towards streaming TV was the ad-free experience that seems to lag now. Not only the affordable plans, but even in some premium packages, an ad pops up that ruins the whole experience.

More Waiting Time Than Live Cable

You must expect to wait for some popular season to get released on any of the streaming services. In some cases, Amazon and Netflix wait for some series to go off the live television to get them to their streaming service to keep it exclusive. So, it is a possibility that a show that is all hype of the live television, you will have to wait a year or more to get it on Netflix or Prime Video. There have also been such instances when some blockbusters were not released on any of the streaming TV services, which make the viewer much vulnerable to spoilers.

Number Of Streaming Screens

The number of devices that can stream at the same time on a single account is limited by each provider. Many services do not even allow multiple accounts to stream at the same time. When a family wants to watch the television at the same tie on different devices, well that is going to be a problem.

High-Speed Internet Connection

Due to the reliance of the streaming services on the internet connection, you will always have to have a high-speed connection or else you will face trouble loading several titles or the buffering time will be too much. This all contributes to the negative experience. The fact that the streaming services offer high-quality video content, also means that a slightly lagging internet can cause many problems for you. Hence, if you live in any rural area, then it would not be possible for you to get the most optimum usage of the streaming.


The contracts between the streaming service provider, content creators, and the channels are one of the major concerns as well that give a disadvantage to the streaming TV. As a result of possible inconsistencies, there may be several instances where the videos get removed from the platforms and are not available for the viewers anymore.


Of course, everything comes with its disadvantages but there are advantages to streaming TV as well, which you might already know. So go on and make that decision of whether you are getting that streaming subscription or not.

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