What is the best class of Citrinne in Fire Emblem Engage

Citrine is a character in the popular game Fire Emblem Engage and she comes with many exciting traits and personal skills. She is a knight of Brodia and you’ll meet her once you reach the location in Chapter 7 of the game.

She is a Mage, her base battle style is Mystical, and she primarily uses the Fire element during battles. If you’re looking to learn more about Citrinne then this is the right place for you. In this guide, you will get to know all about Citrinne, its stats, and what is the best class of Citrinne in Fire Emblem Engage.

What is the best class of Citrinne?

Citrinne is one of the only two characters in Fire Emblem Engage alongside Clanne that have Maga starting class. Citrinne utilizes the fire element as her primary weapon of choice while having a default class progression of the Sage class.

With that said, this class will be the best one for Citrinne in the long run as she has got an S proficiency with it. You’ll be able to set up Citrinna as the Save using the Master Seal.

With the Sage class, Citrinne will get the ability of Spell Harmony. Using this ability, if one of your units starts attacking with tome, it’ll grant “Attack” equivalent to the number of adjacent allies and tomes.

Character and stats of Citrinne

What is the best class of Citrinne in Fire Emblem Engage

Citrinne begins as a Mage class with a Mystical battle style. Even though her stats in Strength and Defense might not be impressive, she is very proficient with magic and luck. Here are the stats of Citrinne –

  • HP – 24
  • Luck – 25
  • Magic – 15
  • Strength – 2
  • Dexterity – 13
  • Speed – 10
  • Defense – 3
  • Resistance – 12

What is the best class of Citrinne in Fire Emblem EngageHer main role is that of a supporting character and a versatile one at that when she is used strategically. If you are impressed with her capabilities, you might want to know more about her stat growth –

  • HP – 45
  • Luck – 25
  • Magic – 40
  • Strength – 10
  • Dexterity – 25
  • Speed – 30
  • Defense – 20
  • Resistance – 40

How to recruit Citrinne in Fire Emblem Engage?

It is a fairly simple process to recruit Citrinne in Fire Emblem Engage. You don’t actually need to do anything for it as she’ll automatically be recruited at one point in the game.

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She will be recruited automatically during the first battle of Chapter 7 – Dark Emblem. When you start this chapter, you’ll find yourself in Brodia. When you are there, you will come across Lapis, Alcryst, and Citrinne.

Initially, Alcryst will mistake you for bandits but later realizes and apologizes. As you’re moving forward with the new trio, you’ll be encountering Hortensia and battling against her. Citrinne will be recruited automatically to the roster after you complete this battle.

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