What is the Lewdle Answer Today for November 26th

Lewdle is one of the newest Wordle-style games with the simple concept of guessing the 5-letter word in 6 attempts. The game is available for free and you can play it online easily. In a short time, people from all over the world have been participating in the Lewdle word game and sharing the results online on social media.

To put it simply, Lewdle is a version of Wordle where all of the words are NSFW (not safe for work). The same criteria apply: you get 6 chances to predict a 5- or 6 word. If you click on the light bulb, you will receive a tip, but it will only move one letter into to the correct spot.

The Lewdle Puzzle resets at midnight each night and the participants will have 24 hours to solve the new puzzle. To make things simple and easy for the Lewdle users, this post will help you by providing the correct Lewdle Answer Today for November 26th. If you aren’t able to find out the answer for the game on your own, you can check out the answer below and know the correct answer.

How to play Lewdle

STEP 1. To play the game, first, you’ll need to visit lewdlegame.com

STEP 2. Guess the first 5-letter word of your choice by typing it (you’ll see the same word appear four times)

STEP 3. Hit the enter button and the titles change color depending on whether the letter is in the word or not

STEP 4. Depending on the first word, you’ll now get the clues in any of the three colors, i.e. grey, green, or yellow (green color means that the letter is in the correct position, grey color means that the letter isn’t in the word, and yellow means that the letter is in the word but it isn’t in the correct place)

STEP 5. Depending on the clue, type the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th words

Here, you’ll get a total of 6 attempts to solve the Lewdle Word of the Day

What is the Lewdle Answer Today for November 26th?

What is the Lewdle Answer Today

Even after multiple tries if you haven’t been able to guess the correct answer, this guide will help you with that. You will get to know the correct Lewdle Word for November 26th, 2022 here. The Lewdle Answer for today is – PUBES.

  • Lewdle answer for November 25: PUBES
  • Lewdle answer for November 24: PROBE
  • Lewdle answer for November 23: PERVY
  • Lewdle answer for November 22: TRIBS
  • Lewdle answer for November 21: JELQS
  • Lewdle answer for November 20: MERKIN
  • Lewdle answer for November 19: GONZO
  • Lewdle answer for November 18: CUMPT


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