When is MultiVersus coming to Nintendo Switch (Release Date)?

MultiVersus is an incredibly popular multi-platform fighter game that has been the talk of the town for the last few weeks. Whether you’re gaming on a PC or playing it on your PlayStation or Xbox, you’ll have multiple ways to play the game alongside playing with friends on various platforms. With many platforms for playing a game like MultiVersus, some might be wondering if the game will eventually be coming on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s iconic handheld device. If you’re looking for the answer to that question, then you’ll find this guide helpful as it’ll be answered here.

Is MultiVersus coming to Nintendo Switch?

The simple answer to that is that there’s no official announcement on when or if the game will come to Nintendo Switch. The team at Player First Games has been rather tight-lipped on this situation.

The situation means that the answer is simply “maybe”. It can very well come out for Nintendo Switch in the future once the team gets their bearings with the current build while having the ability to allocate the resources. Currently, they’re naturally going to be more concerned about making sure that the Open Beta of the game goes as smoothly as possible. Regardless, you can be assured that if there’s any news on the game coming to Nintendo Switch, you’ll be duly notified.

When is MultiVersus coming to Nintendo Switch (Release Date)?

What is the release date of MultiVersus?

While the official release date isn’t announced yet, Warner Bros. Games has already started testing the Open Beta build to give an early taste to the players. There’s no timeline for the beta phase so it’s unknown how long the beta testing will last. According to reports, MultiVersus will remain in the Beta phase for months, just like Fortnite previously. Some reports state that the full version of MultiVersus will be officially released in early 2023.

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