Where and how to watch Chainsaw Man Anime?

With the first part out of the way, Chainsaw Man is revved up and ready to go into the anime world in October 2022. Going back to the manga’s release in 2018 and its upcoming anime adaptation, Chainsaw Man has drawn in fans from all over the world. Previous readers of the manga and newer fans have been enthralled with the part-man devil who can transform into chainsaws. After getting rescued by the Public Safety Hunters, Denji’s life has completely transformed and excited fans cannot wait to see what happens next.

Watch Chainsaw Man on Crunchyroll

Chainsaw Man is all set to release on October 11th, 2022 and it’s one of the most highly anticipated anime in the Fall Anime collection. Studio MAPPA has been put in charge of production. The episodes of Chainsaw Man can be streamed on websites like Crunchyroll.

The streaming service will be accessible on Android, iOS, and Windows PCs, as well as on consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. The English subtitled version should be expected to simulcast, which means it’ll be released alongside the original Japanese release. The anime will be released on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

The backstory of Chainsaw Man

Where and how to watch Chainsaw Man Anime?

Chainsaw Man follows the story of a poverty-stricken Denji, who lives with a devil-like dog named Pochita. The duo exists in a universe where human fears can manifest into devils. Based on the manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto, Denji spends his days earning pennies and by collecting devil corpses. Unfortunately, one day he gets killed and is reborn as the Chainsaw Man after he enters into a pact with Pochita.

The series starts with Public Safety Arc and with newfound abilities, Denji gets recruited by the Public Safety Hunters for hunting down the world’s devils. He is joined by Makima, who is the head of Public Safety Division 4, and a few other hunters. Denji can transform by pulling a cord that is embedded in his chest. Once he does that, chainsaws come out of his legs, arms, and on his face.

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