Android 15 set to boost wireless charging with NFC Support

For the past few weeks, Google has been testing out new and exciting features with the Android 15 beta program. One of the newest features arriving with the Android 15 update is to boost wireless charging with NFC Support.

Google is planning on introducing support for NFC Wireless Charging with the upcoming Android 15 update. This exciting feature will be a significant development for charging small devices. Unlike the popular Qi wireless charging, NFC charging doesn’t need large coils, making it perfect for devices with limited internal space.

With the new Android 15 update, NFC charging is set to become more common in smaller devices like earbuds, smartwatches, styluses, and tracker tags. Moreover, NFC support will be enhancing user convenience and device functionality.

Android 15 to bring wireless charging with NFC Support

Wireless Charging

Announced back in 2020, the NFC Wireless Charging technology makes use of antennas that are reportedly smaller than 1 cm. These small antennas are extremely versatile and serve as a means for both NFC data transfer and wireless charging. This dual functionality is especially helpful for smaller devices.

The gradual adoption of NFC Charging in the smartphone market has been attributed to a lack of support from major operating systems. However, the newest Android 15 Beta release seems to indicate that Google will be integrating NFC Charging feature into the Android platform. This move could result in an increase in WLC-enabled accessories.

This feature can completely transform the charging of electronic devices like tracker tags, which can use NFC for power and data, and styluses that adhere to the USI 2.0 specifications.

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