Android 15 will allow Google Pixels to turn off the screen with ‘Adaptive Timeout’

Google Pixels are quite a value for the money Android smartphones when it comes to the user experience, overall performance, better specifications, and consistent software update support. However, Pixel devices don’t have stunning battery life in most cases and owners get tired of charging their phones multiple times in a day. So, in case, you’re getting tired of your Google Pixel draining the battery a lot due to screen on time even while you’re not paying attention, this problem will be solved soon. Android 15 will bring the adaptive timeout feature to Google Pixels to smartly turn off the screen.

We already know that the Android 15 Developer Preview version is currently going on for the eligible Pixel models and the official stable version will go live after a couple of months. It seems that Android 15 has a lot of potential to include plenty of new features and improvements to the previous Android OS ever before. So, the Pixel device owners will soon be able to use the new ‘Adaptive Timeout’ feature for a smart user experience.

A big thanks to the Android expert Mishaal Rahman has recently revealed the same info on Android Authority that Android developers are working on this function. This upcoming feature will work so smartly on Pixel devices running Android 15 OS to detect the screen when in idle mode intelligently. It’ll just turn off the screen when not in use for a while so that the battery will save up to some extent.

Android screen time out
Android screen time out | Pic: rootmygalaxy

What is Adaptive Timeout on Android 15?

Whenever you’re not actively using your Pixel device and the adaptive timeout feature is enabled, it automatically turns off the screen no matter whether you’ve kept it down or away for a while. It’ll eventually save the battery life as well as the privacy protection from others without doing any extra movement.

Mishaal Rahman has found the following strings in the Android 15 Developer Preview 2 update which includes ‘adaptive timeout’.

<string name="contextual_timeout_description">Automatically turns off your screen early if you’re not using your device</string>

<string name="contextual_timeout_title">Adaptive timeout</string>

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Though older Pixel devices offer the ‘screen attention’ feature to keep the display on when you stare at it, the upcoming feature will help the devices turn off the screen when you’re away. So, both features are useful enough for the Pixel owners. Do keep in mind that this specific ‘adaptive timeout’ feature might be a Pixel-exclusive function initially.

Screen attention feature on pixel
Screen attention feature on pixel | Pic: rootmygalaxy

We should also mention that most smartphone users prefer to turn off the screen while doing any work or before keeping it in their pocket manually. So, this particular feature won’t be a big deal for so many users, especially non-Pixel users. But that can be so useful for some users if they forget to turn off the screen manually. In case, you’re already using the screen timeout feature for 15-30 seconds, this will do the job efficiently.

So, what are your thoughts? You can comment below with any questions.

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