AT&T Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 Active get updates with build G891AUCS2BQK4 and G892AUCU2AQK3

AT&T Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 Active is now receiving updates with build G891AUCS2BQK4 and G892AUCU2AQK3 in the US: We have seen that Samsung has been releasing the Galaxy smartphones in the US from the beginning now and this was the case with the release of the Galaxy S8 also as the company launched the latest Galaxy smartphone in the country first. One thing we also know is that Samsung has started to sell a new version of its Galaxy smartphones known as the Active series which stands for rugged versions of their Galaxy flagship smartphones. Now, the Active series of smartphones come with a plastic back which is extremely durable and has a tough glass on the front which can prevent damage from drops.

Now, the Galaxy Active series from Samsung was launched in the US along with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active being launched in the country. Also, the company launched the Galaxy S8 Active smartphone earlier this year. Now, one more thing to note about the Active series is that the smartphones are launched exclusively on the At&t network in the United States by Samsung and the smartphone can be available only in the locked variants. Now, the At&t network updates these smartphones regularly and we have just got a report which states that the S7 Active and the S8 Active smartphones are getting a new update.

Whats’s New In AT&T Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 Actives’ G891AUCS2BQK4 and G892AUCU2AQK3 Update

Now, talking more about this updates, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is getting the update with build number G892AUCU2AQK3 whereas the Galaxy S8 Active is getting the latest update with build number G891AUCS2BQK4. One thing to mention here is the updates do not contain any security patch or newer Android version. However, the Galaxy S8 Active gets support for Mobile Hotspot APN and HDR API for DirecTV with this update whereas the Galaxy S7 Active gets November security patch update. Both the smartphones are starting to get the update and your smartphone will get the update soon.

Update AT&T Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 Active To G891AUCS2BQK4 and G892AUCU2AQK3 OTA

The update are now live in the US for AT&T Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 users.If you are an AT&T Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S8 user then you may have already received the update.You can manually check for the update from Settings > Software update >Download updates manually.If there is no update showing on your device, then wait for few days for the update to come to your device.

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Abhishek Jariwala
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