Best Discord music bots to take your Discord experience to another level

Discord music has become an essential part of the Discord environment in 2022. These bots can be added to a Discord server for playing tunes and chilling as you vibe to the beat. They’re truly amazing as they make the environment relaxing and fun. Unfortunately, some of the most popular bots like Groovy and Rhythm got taken down due to violating the Terms of Service of YouTube. While two of the most popular Discord music bots might have been taken down, there are still many amazing alternatives. In this article, you’ll get to know about some of the best Discord music bots that you can enjoy in 2022.

Best Discord music bots in 2022

  1. MEE6

MEE6 isn’t just one of the best music discords, it is hands-down one of the best Discord bots in any category. It has become one of the most popular and trusted outs out there as it is used by more than 16 million users. This bot gets used on a daily basis for moderating the servers and playing various songs.

Some of the common functions of this bot include welcoming new users, adding custom alerts, assigning roles, supporting additional plugins, creating custom commands, and more. There is even a paid version where you’ll be able to unlock more tools and features.

  1. Vexera

Vexera is another exceptional Discord music bot that comes with moderation, greeting, and entertainment functions. It will play music from YouTube and you’ll even be able to enter YouTube links directly. However, this bot comes with the unique feature of playing directly from Spotify as long as you’re a premium subscriber. Aside from music, this bot will also send you memes, jokes, and funny GIFs when requested.

Best Discord music bots to take your Discord experience to another level

  1. ProBot

Like most other Discord music bots on this list, ProBot does far more than just play music. It is more of a support and moderation bot that will also play music and offer several musical features. It’ll give you music directly from YouTube while supporting the playback of YouTube links.

This music bot will come with many fantastic moderation features, helping you remove any spambots in Discord. Moreover, it’ll also have a decent leveling system, raid protection, and adding customized welcome images for greeting new users.

  1. Chip Bot

Chip Bot is a dedicated music bot that requires no setup and is incredibly easy to control and use. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support music from YouTube and will only take audio from Spotify. You can easily play Spotify song links or even play Spotify playlists.

One thing that is very unique about this bot is its interactive music player. It’ll come with buttons to play or pause the song, and skip the song. Moreover, it’ll also show you the queue.

  1. BMO

BMO is a bot that comes inspired by a character from the popular series “Adventure Time”. It is a powerful bot with a lot of built-in features. It will give you the option to play high-quality music from different sources including YouTube audio and other external links. However, it will not support Spotify music.

Some of its other functions include image and video manipulation, server moderation, setting reminders, sending memes, and more. Unfortunately, it is one of those bots that have a slower response time, however, once it has been added to a server, it’ll start responding quickly.

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