How to take Better Selfie with Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

The Samsung S8 has many features among which are the many rear camera tricks that catch the attention. You can click many impressive selfies using this phone and the camera experience will definitely be worthwhile.

In this simple and easy tutorial, we will be sharing few tips and tricks which will help you to take some Better Selfie with Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus.So without wasting time check out our in-depth guide:


The smart Autofocus feature tracks face in such a way that everyone in the shot will be in focus whether you use an arm or a selfie stick. All the selfie images are kept clean and crisp with the enhanced multi-frame image processing feature.

Auto focus

Heart Rate Sensor

The Samsung S8 features many ways to click a selfie and the most evident among them is to tap the heart rate sensor in the rear camera.

Paid Camera Effects

If you are not satisfied with the added effects of the Samsung Galaxy s8, you can get more by visiting the Samsung Galaxy S8 store where you can download many free and paid camera effects.

Low Lighting

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a fine tuned rear camera so the selfies come out bright and clear even with little lighting. So what you see when there is no light is what you get in the selfie shot.

Say Cheese


The Galaxy S8 features a wide range of commands that can be used to click a selfie. It responds to commands like “Cheese”, “Smile”, “ Picture”. This feature can be used by the selfie savvy people as it gives the perfect reason to smile and pose for the selfie.

Dual Pixel Sensor

The Galaxy S8 and S8 plus is so fast and focused that when you are ready to capture a selfie moment it focuses as swiftly as your eyes do because of its bright lens and Dual Pixel Sensor, delivering vivid and sharp selfies.

Turn on Pro Mode

One can make use of the superior performance of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus front camera by turning on Pro Mode which gives many options to adjust settings like ISO, Shutter speed, Exposure value, color tone, manual focus and White Balance.

Selective Focus and Filter

With the Samsung Galaxy s8 and S8 plus you can focus only on what matters using the selective focus feature. With this mode, you can choose the depth of the field once the shot is taken and choose any focus that you like such as near, far and pan. The photo can be turned into a masterpiece by using the right filter.

Easy Zooming

Better Selfie with Samsung Galaxy S8

The easy zooming option allows you to easily zoom in and zoom out of the frame using the shutter button. You can place your finger on the shutter button and drag it up/down to zoom in and zoom out of the selfie fame. You can also see the level of the zoom at the side of the phone when you are zooming in and zooming out. The S8 allows you to use the selfie button with one finger.

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