How To Block Pop-Up Ads On Android [Latest Guide 2018]

Simple Step By Step Guide To Block Pop-Up Ads On Android: There is nothing more annoying in the internet world than pop-up ads. You can understand why websites and apps use it even after knowing that they are going to piss the users. On the computer, you can at least click on the close button whenever the pop-up ads come up. You can even install various pop-ad blockers on your web browser. But if you are a mobile user, you are going to have a very hard time. Due to the availability of a small screen, you can easily click on those pop-up ads accidentally and get redirected to other websites wherever it takes you to. As a matter of fact, there are some pop-up ads that have no option of closing and you have to click on them unwillingly to get redirected and close the entire window completely. Some of them ask you to install apps which can be malicious. If you are an Android smartphone user, here is what you can do to block pop-up ads.

Ways To Block Pop-Up Ads On Android

No pop-up blocking technique is 100% percent foolproof because pop-up advertisement companies keep updating their algorithms. But you can easily eliminate maximum pop-up ads on Android both from apps as well as from web browsers.

Blocking Full-Screen Pop-Up Ads From Apps

If you are getting continuous full-screen pop-up ads from different apps you are using, you should scan your device with a malware remover. The chances are high that your device is hit by a malware or an adware. You can also uninstall any recently installed app after which the situation has aggravated. If that app is important, instead of uninstalling it, you can go to app permission and disable “Draw Over Other Apps” permission so that pop-up ads do not come full screen when you open other apps.A detailed guide is linked below:

How To Disable Display Over Other Apps On Android Oreo (8.0/8.1)

Block Pop-Up Ads On Android (Web Browsers)

If you are using Firefox, then you can install ad-blocker plugin such as uBlock Origin to completely shut off all pop-up ads annoying you.

If you are using Chrome which is what Android smartphones come with as bloatware, then you have to take some manual steps. Chrome does not allow plugin installation and hence, take the following steps.

Step 1. Open Google Chrome and tap on three vertical dots on the top right.

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Step 2. Tap on Settings and then on Site Settings under Advanced Section.

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Step 3. Scroll down and tap on pop-ups. Turn it off if it is turned on.

Block Pop-Up Ads On Android -Chrome

If you want a better pop-up ad blocking web browser, Opera Mini is the best.

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