How To Boot Into HTC U11 Bootloader/Fastboot Mode

[Guide] How to Boot into HTC U11 Bootloader/Fastboot Mode: HTC as we all know is an exceptionally well renowned and iconic brand worldwide. It has been one of the best smartphone manufacturing companies for quite some time thanks to its habit of releasing excellent smartphones year after year. Most of the HTC models come with lots of amazing features and excellent specifications. However, no matter how advanced a smartphone is, it will always have some issues either performance related or application related. There will also be cases when the user will want to tinker with the settings to get more options.

In any Android device, you will see a crucial feature called the bootloader mode. All the devices come with both the Recovery (stock), and the bootloader mode. This bootloader mode will give the user an option to perform different tasks like flashing/modifying the system partitions, unlocking bootloader, different OEM level operations, installing TWRP or other custom recoveries, and more. This part is basically the fun part where you get to tinker with the settings and give your device a brand new outlook.

Today, in this post, we will be sharing with you how to boot your HTC U11 Bootloader/Fastboot mode. There are two methods using which you can boot into HTC 10 Bootloader/Fastboot mode.

Steps To Boot Into HTC U11 Bootloader/Fastboot Mode

There are two ways which can help you to boot into HTC U11 Bootloader / Fastboot Mode 1) Using Power and Volume Keys 2) fastboot commands via Computer

Boot Into HTC U11 Bootloader/Fastboot Mode

#1 Using Hardware Keys

Follow the given steps to boot into HTC U11 Bootloader by hardware buttons

  • First, Power off your second generation Pixel phone.
  • Then Press & hold Power + Volume down button for a few seconds.
    └ This will boot your phone into bootloader mode.
  • Use the Volume Up & Down buttons to navigate between options and Power button to select an option in bootloader mode.

#2 Using PC fastboot Commands

If you want to boot HTC U11 into bootloader mode from your PC, then follow the linked guide below


How To Boot Into Fastboot/Bootloader Mode Using Commands from PC
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