How to boot your Samsung Galaxy devices into Recovery Mode without pressing buttons

If you’re looking to hard reset your Samsung device for any reason like lag issues or overheating issues, it can be done via Samsung Recovery Mode.

Although there is no official Samsung Recovery Mode Tool available in the market, you can always do it by going into the Recovery Mode of your Samsung device by using the ADB Commands. While most people prefer to take the button combination route, you can do it without pressing any buttons on your smartphone too.

What is Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy devices?

Recovery mode is an incredibly useful feature that is found on every Android device, including Samsung Galaxy handsets. By using the Recovery Mode, you’ll be able to easily perform a wide variety of tasks like a factory reset, cache partitions, and wiping data. You can perform these actions and fix a wide range of issues on your device. Further, you can even install OTA packages from Samsung and update your smartphone manually.

How to boot your Samsung device into Recovery Mode without pressing buttons?

boot your Samsung Galaxy devices into Recovery Mode without pressing buttons

  1. Download the SDK for your Linux, macOS, or Windows PC and extract the file on your desktop.
  2. Now, navigate to the platform-tools folder containing the ADB and Fastboot files.
  3. then, launch the command window from the folder by simply typing “CMD” in the folder address bar and then pressing the Enter key.
  4. Ensure that you’ve installed the Samsung USB Driver on your PC and enable USB debugging on your device.
  5. Connect your Samsung Galaxy device to the computer via a USB cable.
  6. Execute the below-mentioned command for checking that the device has been properly connected to the ADB server –
adb devices
  1. Now, type the recovery command and press Enter on the keyboard –
adb reboot recovery
  1. Your Samsung Galaxy device will now reboot into the Recovery Mode without pressing any buttons on your Samsung Galaxy device.

You will be able to exit the Recovery Mode on your device by choosing the Reboot System Now option.

Samsung Recovery Mode Key Combinations

Samsung Devices with Home, Power and Volume Keys

Power off your device, Now hold the Volume Up + Home + Power keys at the same time for 5-7 seconds. Once you see the Samsung logo, release the Power key but keep the other two buttons pressed until you see the screen with Android Recovery written on the top.

Samsung Devices with Power and Volume Keys

Turn off your device, then press and hold the Volume Up + Power keys together for about 5 seconds

Samsung Phones with Power, Bixby, and Volume Keys

Turn off your Samsung Galaxy device. Hold the Volume Up + Bixby + Power keys simultaneously for about 5 seconds. Once the recovery menu shows up, release the buttons.

Samsung Devices with Volume and Power/Bixby Keys

All the latest smartphones mostly the flagships and higher mid range deices (eg Galaxy S22 series, A series and mid range M series devices) have these button combinations

Power off your phone. Now press and hold the Volume Up + Power buttons for 5 seconds.

Above are the some ways to boot Samsung Galaxy devices into recovery mode.

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