How to check the activation date of your Android smartphone or tablet

Typically, an Android smartphone is considered to be new until it is packed inside the box and has not been activated by inserting a SIM card and registering the phone to a Google account. Sometimes, you may want to check how old your device is, and lucky for you, it is possible. In most cases, the activation of your Android device will be the purchase date and the IMEI activation date as most people register it on the same day.

Check the activation date of your Android smartphone

There is another way of checking the mobile activation date of Android devices. Normally, an Android smartphone or tablet will be activated as soon as you insert a SIM card in it and sign in with a Google account. Google will keep a record of the date you’ve activated your smartphone or tablet. There are multiple ways you can check for the activation date of your Android device.

Google Dashboard

  1. Open the Google Account Dashboard by simply clicking this link on your mobile browser or desktop browser.
  2. Click on the Android card located under the Your Google Services section.
  3. You’ll get the activation date of your Android device right under the device name.

Google Play Store

You can even check the unboxing date of your Android device by going to the Google Play Store. Open the Settings page on the Play Store. Here, you will find the registration date under the My Devices section.

Check the phone activation date by IMEI

If you own a Realme device, you’ll be able to use the OEM’s Phone Check service to get the needed information about your device including the activation date and time by entering the IMEI number. Xiaomi will offer a similar product authentication service but I will not give the necessary information about the purchase date of Mi devices for all models. If you have an Oppo device, you’ll be able to check its warranty status by providing the IMEI number.

How to check the activation date of your Android smartphone or tablet

If you’re an Android user, you can simply check your device’s activation date using the IMEI.

  1. Visit by clicking this link
  2. Open your device’s dialer and then type “*#06#” for finding out the IMEI number of your Android device. You can even find it by going to Settings -> About phone. Then, use this command to get the IMEI number –

adb shell iphonesubinfo 4 | cut –c 52-66 | tr –d ‘.[:space:]’

  1. Type your device’s IMEI number in the box that has “Enter IMEI” written
  2. Now, click on the Check button
  3. The next page will show the basic information about your Android smartphone. Simply click on the Warranty Check option. Note that the name of the button will differ from OEM to OEM.
  4. Then, you’ll find the activation date of your Android smartphone. Alternatively, you can even go for IMEI24 for checking the purchase and the IMEI activation button for any Android smartphone or tablet.
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